It’s rookie quarterback over/under time


Monday’s PFT Live devoted plenty of time to rookie quarterbacks, given all the recent talk about when the top guys will start and why one of the NFL’s top teams used a third-round pick on a quarterback.

In one segment, Simms and I reacted to a variety of over/under prop bets based on the question of rookie quarterbacks starting games in 2018.

Stats did a decent job of compiling the numbers, even though he doesn’t use 0.5 nearly enough. That said, the Stats on Fire sports book would be wiped out based on his suggested over/under as to when any of the 2018 rookie quarterback class will make his first start.

For the full segment, click the thing in the thing and sit back for three or four minutes of entertainment. (The clip is more than 11 minutes long; the over/under on entertainment value is 3.5.)