Patriots talked to Bengals about third-round trade

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The Patriots drafted Duke Dawson with the 56th overall pick. They didn’t select again until choice No. 143.

New England, though, tried to trade into the third round.

The Patriots, who sent their third-round pick to the 49ers in the Trent Brown trade, called the Bengals as Cincinnati was getting ready to use the 78th pick.

“We were getting ready to take [linebacker] Malik Jefferson, and I think it was [Bill] Belichick that called and I’ve got the card in my hand — I’m trying to call our guy down in — and Belichick calls and he wants that pick,” Cincinnati’s director of player personnel Duke Tobin told Paul Dehner on the Bengals’ Beat podcast on the Cincinnati Enquirer, via WEEI. “And I’m like, ‘Well Bill, thanks; I appreciate it, you know, what do you want to give? I’ll listen. I’ll always listen.’ And he wants to give commensurate value for it, and the answer is no, I think we’re going to pick.”

Tobin said he fields 25 to 30 trade calls during the draft and makes about as many calls.

It is unclear who the Patriots had their eye on in the third round.

18 responses to “Patriots talked to Bengals about third-round trade

  1. I like how it all turned out….. glad it didn’t go down!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  2. How rude are the Bengals not to give Bill Belichick the 3rd round pick he wanted? If/when Bill calls, then your team is about to get shafted. Friendly advice – just hang up the phone. Bill wins 80%+ of the trades he makes, because he is better informed and better at evaluating talent than anyone else and he knows it.

  3. The Pats didn’t have their 3rd rnd pk, but they did have 105(5th pk 4th rnd), as well as late rnd ammo. My wild guess is they were after Arden Key, which would have made this Pats
    fan very happy. Draft just didn’t fall right for the Pata this yr, although Wynn was their guy, not Evans

  4. Great off season, draft is always a wait and see venture, good free agency, nice trade and lots of picks for next year and for trading camp/ early season trades. Patriots looking good and retooling.

  5. Yeah what the heck was BB going to offer? Unless it was going to be a #2 next year there is no reason to even listen to that fool. No point at taking a 3 next year because you know it will he at the end of the round (93-96). Even if it was a 2 that would be (61-64), so what the Bengals had to ask
    Themselves: is it worth waiting a year to essentially move up 14-18 picks. I think Duke gave you their answer.

  6. Another know nothing shows up. The Pats could move from 105 to 78 for a 5th rnd pk max. Certainly, one of their 3 3rd rnd pks in 2019 would have gotten it done.

  7. If the Pats had 105 to offer it’s understandable that the Bengals weren’t interested (since as part of the trade down they made in round 2 from 46 to 54 they moved up from pick 100 to pick 78). Perhaps Belichick was spitballing that the Bengals didn’t have the guy available at 78 they had been hoping for (with the Steelers leapfrogging up to 76 to pick Rudolph) and thus would be willing to trade back down. Hard to think what they would offer would have seemed worth it the Bengals given that they were keep on moving up in that round (the Chiefs trade actually had been discussed for a couple days from what I read).

    Kind of a random story since it involves moving for a pick and no player names attached.

  8. boiler72 says:
    May 7, 2018 at 4:51 pm
    Who wants to help those hated idiots? No. Well done, Bengals.
    The irony here is that if you think they are idiots you have forgotten why you hate them.

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