Report: Stephen Ross initially wasn’t on board with Minkah Fitzpatrick pick

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wasn’t initially on board with his team taking Minkah Fitzpatrick with the 11th overall pick, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports.

Instead, Ross wanted the Dolphins to trade back in order to acquire more picks and to save money on the first-rounder, per Volin.

The Dolphins’ football people talked Ross out of giving up the spot.

As Greg Cote of the Miami Herald noted Monday, the pressure isn’t on Fitzpatrick. It is on the Dolphins to have made the right choice. Fitzpatrick is the 15th player the team has selected 11th overall or higher, and the previous 14 produced a mix bag.

Fitzpatrick, a first-team All-American, was not expected to remain on the board as long as he did. He had nine interceptions and 171 tackles in his career.

The Dolphins might have drafted a quarterback if any of the top-four prospects remained on the board, but of course, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen were snapped up in the top-10 picks.

Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier admitted after the first round that the team had talks with “a couple of teams” about moving up or down, which is not unusual for any team.

“Really, the way it all played out, we didn’t think any of the quarterbacks would make it to us,” Grier said. “For us, we talked to a couple of teams about maybe moving up or down but nothing real serious. For us, at the end of the day, if one of those [top quarterbacks] was there, we would have talked about it; but we just didn’t think anybody would be there.”

36 responses to “Report: Stephen Ross initially wasn’t on board with Minkah Fitzpatrick pick

  1. Solid pick IMO, just hope last year’s number 1 pans out this season once back from IR.
    That combined with the LBs picked up this draft the D is much better. With Suh gone I honestly believe the team chemistry will be much stronger.

  2. Obviously, they wanted a QB, but did not have the ammo to trade up. All of the legit QBs were gone so they went BPA. For years they took the position they needed instead. I bet this one finally works out because they did the opposite. I like Steve Ross, but leave the football stuff up to the people you selected to make personnel decisions please.

  3. lol

    trading back for more picks to rebuild is wise, but his reason screams of a moneygrabbing bum owner, which of course he is.

  4. If Ross really wanted to go on the cheap then he should have just called Derek Jeter and had him run the Dolphins war room, “Listen Steven, I got you a killer deal: in exchange for the 11th pick, New England will give you their seventh round pick for the next TEN YEARS. What a steal!”

  5. It always irritates me when I read stories like this. How does it make sense to trade back and get a lesser player, all in an effort to save money in the salary cap? Ross should just let the scouts and coaches work with the personnel department and stay out of the draft room. You hire the right people and let them run the company, only later do you assess how good (or bad) of a job they’ve done.

  6. Pats fans 1st to respond. Still sore from the Bruins game last night. Getting a beat down from a Florida hockey team must be hard to take in New England.

  7. First mistake here is actually believing what is being reported in this article, I am betting the way this is worded is NOT how it actually went down.

  8. What the Dolphins could have done due to what I believe could be a dire need for a Franchise quarterback; They could have chosen Mason Rudolph in the 3rd round but instead chose to go with a coverage type of linebacker to meet that need. It’s a matter of perception as to the greater position need. Most likely Rudolph would have not played this season but who knows what quarterbacks are really going to transfer their skills to the NFL quickly. Pittsburgh chose Rudolph later in round three. That choice seemed to piss off Ben Roethlisberger. If Big Ben gets injured and Rudolph comes in to show some good skills, what should we think then……

  9. When the owner will admittedly sabotage the talent of his franchise in order to save money what you get is the Browns, Chargers, Jets, Bills, and Dolphins.

    Cheap owners beget cheap results.

  10. How do you not trade up for Rosen right there? He was a perfect fit for Miami and their S.Fl. fanbase. Imagine all of the JR3 golf carts Ross could have sold. Dolphins being dolphins.

  11. The Dolphins didn’t want, nor do they need a QB. Arm chair QB’s that are mad RT doesn’t light up their fantasy teams should zip it.

  12. And I want a President that don’t pander to his base when caught. But….

  13. The original story is suspect. I don’t believe a word of this. Nothing Ross has done since taking ownership even remotely suggests penny-pinching or involvement in football decisions. Nothing. He routinely overpays free agents (even this year) and personally financed the 450 million dollar stadium renovations.

  14. “…Ross wanted the Dolphins to trade back in order to acquire more picks and to save money on the first-rounder…”

    That second part though…let it sink in, fins fans. It sucks for the fanbase when a team has a meddling owner. When the owner is meddling AND a cheapskate…you can look forward to one or two one and done playoff appearances every decade.

    Look on the bright side…wait, there isn’t one.

  15. Dolphins got a steal in TE Gesicki. That guy is a great athlete. If they use him like a WR, he could have a huge impact in the redzone and will be a tough matchup.

    He’s 6’6 with a near NBA caliber vertical leap.

    They were also smart to let Jarvis Landry leave. He’s a possession guy and not worth what the Browns paid. If Josh Gordon goes back to he pre-suspension form, then he’s not even the best WR on the Browns.

  16. …”trade back in order to acquire more picks and to save money on the first-rounder…”

    And that’s why the Dolphins will never win with Stephen Ross in his ownership role. He’s incapable of allowing the football people to run the franchise.

  17. Ross save money? the guy paid for his own stadium improvements… breaks out the check book whenever the idiot mike tannenbaum says to pay suh a jillion dollars… you think he’s going to worry about the difference between the 11th and 20 something pick make? please

  18. Phins got the best football player in the draft at 11. Two years from now everyone will remember that they said it first.

    LOL no they didn’t. They got another overated Alabama/SEC player. Two years from now you’ll be watching him on highlight shows getting burned for touchdowns.

  19. They could have drafted Rudolph which would have been an automatic upgrade from Osweiler or Fales but…………
    Ross, Tannebaum, Grier= Not a clue
    Gase=In over his head

  20. my_old_name_was_offensive says:
    May 8, 2018 at 9:28 am

    What a vaunted division the Patriots play in…

    The Pats are located in the Northeast. Here are their win %’s against North & East divisions in the Brady/Belichick era, go ahead and pick one.
    AFCE: .792
    NFCE: .818
    AFCN: .831
    NFCN: .848

  21. Total crap. BS story because Volin has nothing better to do until mini camp starts.

  22. Don’t take the best player we can get, let’s move back so we can save a few bucks!

    Perfect example of the the Dolphins will never be truly relevant with Stephen Ross. One of the worst owners in the game. That’s like Jerry Jones having to be talked out of drafting Johnny Football so they could take a perennial All Pro lineman instead.

  23. Once again people reading this the wrong way. Ross couldn’t give two hoots about the money in cash terms, he’s thinking about Cap. It’s also funny that some Pats fans love to bother us. Why ?

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