Ryan Switzer: Cowboys didn’t ask me to do things I’m “capable of doing”

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After the Cowboys traded for Tavon Austin, they said that their plan for Austin this season is to use him as “a web back” in a role similar to the one Lance Dunbar used to fill out of the backfield.

Austin has been a wide receiver to this point in his career and it appears the Cowboys have had such a move in mind for a while now. In an interview with Patrik Walker of 247 Sports, Raiders wideout Ryan Switzer said he felt the Cowboys wanted to put him in a similar role in their offense last season.

Switzer doesn’t think it was a good fit and the trade that sent him to Oakland on the final day of the draft lends support to that notion.

“The more I think on it, I think that they had a different plan for me than what I was capable of doing,” Switzer said. “I don’t know. Looking back I had two or three rushes in the NFL before receptions and I was taking reps at running back at times. I don’t know if were trying to use me as like a scat-back or what. There was a lot of talk about my high school days and being a RB and I don’t think I ever fit that mold as a change-of-pace back or someone with slide sweeps and carries. I don’t know if that’s the plan they had for me [because] it was never spoken, but when I try to piece these things together — that’s kind of what I’m thinking. …I think that had a little bit to do with it because I can’t really think of anything else. …I did, like coach [Jason] Garrett [told] me, I did everything [asked of me] and more. I felt like that, too. I’m not really sure. That’s about as good of a guess as I have.”

Switzer didn’t have much of an offensive role in Dallas — six catches and four carries — but saw a lot of work as a returner. He said he feels “a lot more confident” about his chances of contributing on offense in Oakland, although the presence of Amari Cooper, Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant means there will be a lot of competition for action as a wideout.

25 responses to “Ryan Switzer: Cowboys didn’t ask me to do things I’m “capable of doing”

  1. Maybe it’s clear they reached, you peaked at the NCAA level and at best are a fringe NFL player?

    I saw this kid play numerous times live in college. Good, little player, but he was already over-achieving at the NCAA level. He doesn’t have another gear.

    He’s not A Welker, Edelman or even an Amendola.

  2. @700levelvet

    While I can appreciate your dedication to your little ritual, you really don’t need to use so many ellipses. Nobody…actually…talks like…that

  3. Did the Cowboys ask him fumble punts, lose yardage on returns, and kneel, not fair catch, kneel punts with 20 yards to run??

  4. Effective returner? Yes He did take one punt back against the Skins. He also fumbled several, including the one that turned the game back to the Rams. He showed bad hands on passes in practice and games. What part of that doesn’t He get?

  5. Fifth string receivers don’t always make headlines during the off season, but when they do, you know they play for the Dallas Cowboys. The most relevant sports team on earth.

  6. I loved Switz, and I wish him all the success in the world with the Raiders!!!!! With our current coaches, sans Marinelli, I don’t know if they could coach anyone properly…smh…I hope I am wrong 🙁 Patty-Cake and Linehan, can’t be out the door fast enough for me!!!!

  7. Cowboys liked Pumphrey out of SDSU in the 4th, but when philthy took him ahead of them they settled on #2 choice Switzer, who they believed would make an immediate impact on the return teams and develop into a good 3rd or 4th option. His injury early in camp, hindered his development in the offense, but even later in the year, he seemed lost in space–which is an important aspect of a timing offense. I like the trades that they made to correct pick. Traded a 6th for Tavon, who will be what they had in Switzer, an above average returner, but, he’ll be more in the offense in adding another explosive element out of the backfield and in the slot. They even got good value for Switz, in the former 2nd rounder DT Jihad Ward, who should compete for time inside.

  8. @ cluck
    Dude, I text my kids the same way….. Hey, I’m making BBQ… this weekend stop over…We can watch the Super Bowl again… I consider them dots or periods, not ellipses. Whatever that is…

  9. I love the offseason. Everyone starts with high hopes. Players, fans, coaches, teams. Prognosticators make bold predictions on what free agent moves were A+ and which ones were terrible. The Raiders draft was rated last or close to last. The experts hate what they did in free agency. Fans of other teams are laughing. At some point though… All these teams will be on the field that is when the rubber hits the road. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. To be honest, since everyone says they have had a terrible offseason I am excited. Most of the time the experts are wrong – fans are wrong more often than experts – and players are often wrong as well. Going to be interesting. Can’t wait.

  10. Nonsense. He was brought on to return punts, learn to be a Beasley like receiver. He was never a running back. All their receivers have run sweeps at some point. It’s a good play to use when you have a back like 21 and they start gap jumping to get him. I dont know what he is talking about, sounds like sour grapes, never a good look.

  11. Dude…you have been using the tired… most mediocre franchise in sports… for a .long…time. It was never clever…or accurate for that matter…Ya’ll won a championship…Wow…Now wait another 57 years for another one. THAT is …the most mediocre franchise in sports…

  12. 2 playoff wins in 2 and a half decades. Yes, 2 and a half decades. I will now use proper punctuation to make Cowboys fans remember that. They are… “The most mediocre franchise in sports”… Don’t blame me.

  13. I think this young man has a lot more to offer yet. Seems to great enthusiasm for the game and that goes a long way in my book. In fact I have to say I have been quite impressed by the cowboys on All or nothing. I even like the Jones clan, they seem like pretty down to earth zillionaires.

  14. Switzer’s words make it clear why any experiment on Dallas’s part didn’t take. They saw skills that could be used in a different way, but apparently this was too “out of the box” for Switzer himself. Most NFL players who speak on such matters show a desire or even a relish to contribute however than can, and love to be given an opportunity to make more of an impact, no matter in what way. For Switzer’s attitude to basically be “well I’m a receiver and it felt weird to be asked to do other things than that” suggests he never allowed himself to go all-in.

  15. I can see not liking his role, or believing that the things he were asked to do were things he just couldn’t master.
    I can’t see never asking anyone, “what’s your goal with me?”
    He doesn’t have to walk up to Garrett or Jones. But maybe ask the position coaches.
    I’m more with Redsox then fishy above.

  16. Jihad Ward did nothing as a Raider but under achieve and get injured. I’m sure the coaching in Oakland didn’t help, but there wasn’t much talent ahead of him to beat for a starting spot. He was a bad fit for the Raiders, and I view Switzer as a possible 3rd down #4 WR. Neither of these guys are going to light up their new teams.

  17. 700 level…..eagles win the luckiest sb in the history of the NFL and you still are obsessed with the cowboys…now that is hilarious.

  18. A change of scenery does wonders for a player except for Dez Bryant. He hasn’t found a new scenery yet. That moment the Raiders rather have Dallas’s 5th stringer instead of their 1st string.

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