Tony Romo calls Jason Witten “best I ever played with” in an open letter

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It might be a good thing for some of us that Tony Romo opted for TV as his second career, because he’s pretty good at this writing thing, too.

The former Cowboys quarterback penned his good friend and favorite target, Jason Witten, a heartfelt goodbye letter he posted on social media Monday night.

It’s hard to describe how special Jason Witten is.

“Sometimes in life you are lucky to come across someone that will change your life. Most of the time you don’t realize it at the moment the profound impact and impression someone will have on you. The difference with Jason Witten is that I knew right away the impact he would have on me. Not only was Jason the most talented, humble and hardest working individual on our football team, but he was one of the most genuine, good-hearted people you could ever meet.

“Some things that are etched in my memory are the workouts in the off-season during our younger years. Jason wouldn’t give an inch. He had to work the hardest. It was just inside him to give maximum effort every single day.

“When we were young I remember him running the two hundred yard shuttles, the four hundred yard shuttles, and willing himself to the finish line every day. Jason has in insatiable desire to win and no matter how he felt day in and day out, he was going to finish and win. If I were a betting man then I would bet he never lost one of those races… not one. The fastest player didn’t always win those races but it was all will. Nobody had a stronger will than 82.

“Because of that effort nobody in that facility was allowed to give half effort when your two hundred and sixty pound leader was beating everyone to the finish line. He just couldn’t accept someone having an edge on him. He had to succeed . . . he had to win.

“He couldn’t stand it if a defensive back ever felt like he got the best of 82 that day. He wanted that DB to know that he was in for a long practice or game guarding him. He couldn’t accept being average.

“I will also remember him coming to the side lines trying to be respectful of how tough the quarterback’s job was during the games but sometimes he just couldn’t control himself. He would say things like, ‘Hey 9, I know we ain’t got much time back there, but I got HQ fricking harris guarding me. I’m getting open pretty quickly now, don’t be afraid to take a peek if you got the time.” That was code for Jason saying ‘I am wide open and I have a bum on me if you haven’t noticed.’ . . . and sure enough every time I watched the tape, he was always right.

“During big moments in my career, the first guy I was looking for was Jason Witten. I knew where he would be and I knew he would get open and not once, not once did I ever go to him late in the game on a key down when he was one on one and him not deliver. He always came through.

“In the playoffs in 2014, it was fourth down against the Lions in the fourth quarter . . . needing a touchdown to take the lead and being our last drive of the game we called a timeout. As I stood on the sideline deciding what play we wanted to call in the most pressure packed moment of our season, by brain wanted to call Y option. The problem was the Lions had double-teamed Jason most of the day and especially on key downs and distances. Nothing would be more key than this.

“On the sideline, the coaches and I decided we would call two plays to ensure we got a good call. The problem was as I stood at the line of scrimmage that the Lions changed the defense from what they used all game. Without knowing for sure what they would be in, I changed both plays and went to ‘Tennessee, Tennessee.’

“You see, I didn’t know what the perfect play was versus their coverage, but I did know I had the perfect player. Jason made a move that was rare but brought him wide open. Any high school QB could have delivered that ball. The secret to the play was trusting the best player to be the best player . . . and he was.

“Jason, you have set the standard for every player and coach who walks through the Cowboys facility that there’s one way to play and there’s one way to practice. And guess what, you can be a great teammate and husband and father while doing it.

“To the best I ever played with.”

28 responses to “Tony Romo calls Jason Witten “best I ever played with” in an open letter

  1. Romo can take pride that he was the 2nd biggest contributor to Witten having his plaque readied for Canton. The only shame is theyn couldn’t go in together. And before the resident experts here start with nonsense about romo just put him side by side with stabler or namath or most ofmthe other qbs that are in. Romo belongs too, end of story

  2. Im a big Giants fan and jason was always a class act..Sad he never won a ring . Garrett not a championship coach. Dallas had some real talent but never anyone to take them to that next level

  3. For a grand total of Zero Super Bowl’s ever played in. Maybe Dallas’s draft picks should go right into broadcasting and bypass the failure.

  4. Story has been up for 2 hours and no comments. I’m not a Cowboy fan by any stretch but, as a football fan Jason Witten was the man.

  5. Both will get in the HoF. Yes Romo too! America’s team is taking over every network with Troy, Tony and now Witten. ABC, you are next! If Barry Sanders can get in with his non existing play off success, so can Romo. Barry has what, 1 Career TD in the play offs? LOL and people are trying to compare him with Emmitt?!?!?! haha child puhleese! Both dominated the regular season though. Witten, top 3 TE to ever play the game. Hands down! Thumb me down haters, do what you are told!


  6. All this Cowboy love and the team hasn’t reached a conference championship game since 96. The Jets have neen to 2 conference championships in that time. The Aints won a SB. Atlanta has been to 2 SBs. The Bucs won a SB. The Patriots — a joke franchise in the heydey of the Cowboys — win 5 SBs and appeared in 4 more since 96. The Broncos (remember that Simpsons episode in which Marge was told she didn’t understand football when she couldn’t understand why Homer, who always dreamed of owning the Cowboys, was gifted the Broncos) have won 3 SBs since 96. The Ravens won a pair. The Seahawks won 1 SB and appeared in another.

  7. Witten was a great player but I heard someone say he was the “best Cowboys player ever” and that’s absurd.
    Plus, did he really need over an hour for his farewell speech????? I heard parts of it and it was like watching a “B” Hollywood movie with lousy actors. And geesh — is Jerry Jones really so broken up over it that he had to cry?? Who does he think he is, Dick Vermeil?????
    The Cowboys have always loved looking at themselves in the mirror and this was another example of it.

  8. We all know what Jason Witten is. Open letter, while nice, is a bit unnecessary from an obvious best friend. I don’t have the need to tell the whole world the impact my best friend had on me after he died. Will always hurt but it’s between him and me.

  9. In the case with witten, the stat sheet doesn’t tell nearly the story of this guy, although his stats are good enough to stand on their own. Not s cowboy fan but you have to be pretty closed minded to not understand his contributions to Dallas.

  10. .

    DeMarco Murray is thinking “who is this romo dude? I carried this team for years.”

  11. Now let’s see the open letter for Dez Bryant. I’m sure it was be just as affectionate – lol

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