Calais Campbell ready to offer Taven Bryan all the advice he wants

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Calais Campbell doesn’t agree with Ben Roethlisberger. Although the Jaguars defensive end didn’t call the Steelers quarterback by name, Campbell said it’s veteran players’ “duty” to help young players develop.

“I had a lot of quality guys that were able to help me out a lot when I was a kid, coming into this game [at] 21, 22 years old, just trying to find my way,” Campbell told Mike Kaye of First Coast News. “I think it’s everybody’s duty — if you play this game long enough — it’s your duty to pass down the knowledge you’ve learned to keep the game strong.”

Campbell, 31, is entering his 11th NFL season, his second with Jacksonville after signing a four-year, $60 million deal last offseason.

Campbell promises to help Taven Bryan, the team’s first-round pick, just as those who came before Campbell helped him.

“I always look forward to teaching all the rookies, but it’s nice to have a guy who plays my position, who I can give a lot of my information to,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he gives “a lot of advice.”

“As far as football goes, really just the biggest thing is playing fast,” he said. “Don’t think too much where you start playing slow, because that’s when guys get hurt. You’ve always got to play fast, even if you make a mistake, make it going 100 mph and stay off the ground, that’s another way guys get hurt.”

10 responses to “Calais Campbell ready to offer Taven Bryan all the advice he wants

  1. Great player…which my team could have afforded him in FA. Worth every penny. Bryan is gonna he good as well. Jags have an abundance of riches on D.

  2. I’m a Steelers fan. Ben is our MVP. Ben has some issues though that make him hard to like, that passive-aggressive interview being a perfect example. His “injuries” he talks to the media about that the team doctors and coaches are hearing about for first time, it’s not cute like Clemente, he comes off like a tool. He is typical football player that has huge ego, he needs to be center of attention. Great QB, probably a care person.

    That said, media is blowing this Rudolph thing out of proportion I think. Wait until they meet, until it’s declared the next Favre/Rodgers or Montana/Young.

  3. Campbell is the definition of a “team player” not a “me player” like the Pittsburghy dough boy who only cares about himself. He and Me-Veon Bell are perfect teammates as they are both selfish and only care about themselves, that is why the Stoolers will never win anything until these 2 clowns are gone.

  4. Which is why the jags on the Steelers at home. Can’t wait to show them what a butt whipping looks like at our house. Duval!!!!!

  5. There isn’t anything wrong with not “going the extra mile” to help a rookie take your Job away. For all the ‘great team player’ posters. Would you help somebody take your job and kick you to the unemployment line? No, you wouldn’t. But it kinda is your place to be a good teammate though. I don’t blame Ben, Brett Favre, and Joe Montana

  6. Campbell is going to be relevant to the NFL for a long, long time if he chooses. I can see a guy like him becoming a successful coach in the future. Ben, not so much.

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