Kurt Warner chalks up reaction to his possible unretirement as a “REALLY slow news day”

Getty Images

Long before #fakenews became the knee-jerk response to stories that people didn’t want to acknowledge, the usual reaction was to cry, “Slow news day!”

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner chose the latter route on Tuesday, primarily since #fakenews wasn’t an option. Since the news came from his own words.

Must be a REALLY slow news day,” Warner said via Twitter.

Warner apparently was reacting to the reaction to his claim that his wife has given him the green light to return to football, and that he spoke to an undisclosed coach about doing so. (Unless, of course, the comment had nothing to do with anything that he was dealing with personally at that point in time, and that it had to do with some different things that he saw were out there, you know, different things that were going on, where we are in this society as a whole.)

How can Warner be surprised by the news, created by Warner himself, that a guy who last played in January 2010 was ready to play again in 2018? It’s an amazing revelation, and it would be news no matter what else is going on in the news cycle.

The comments from Warner make it clear that, since retiring, he’d been toying with unretiring. And while the door apparently is now finally closed (unless it isn’t), the fact that Warner admits to thinking about coming back so long after quitting — and at a Blandian age of 46 — is a stunner.

While Warner may now regret the fact that he blurted it out, he said what he said, and it’s definitely news, slow news day or otherwise.