Kurt Warner says he reached out to a coach about playing this season

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Kurt Warner went into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year and the induction ceremonies usually come well after a player has stopped thinking about strapping on a helmet for an NFL game.

On Monday night, Warner suggested he hasn’t gotten the desire to play totally out of his system. Warner dropped into the broadcast booth during a St. Louis Cardinals game and talked about missing the game. Warner said he did and that he sometimes hoped “that one team, at some point, gives me another 7-on-7. Just give me 20 plays and let me see if I can still do it.”

Warner added that he reached out to a coach about doing just that this season.

“I was actually ready to, for this coming season, I actually talked to a coach and my wife said, ‘Go for it, I think it would be great,’” Warner said, via Yahoo Sports. “So I actually talked to a coach about possibly doing it if they needed someone, but then they went out and signed somebody. I don’t think they thought I was serious. So I think we’re completely done now.”

If some of this sounds familiar, it is likely because Warner tweeted in 2015 that he was “intrigued” after a team asked him to work out for them. Warner’s tweet came on April 1 and he said it was an April Fools joke a couple of days later.

Monday’s comments might not have been a joke, but it probably doesn’t make it any likelier that Warner is going to be in an NFL uniform again.