Scott Zolak shares some insights about a strange New England offseason


There’s something different about the 2018 offseason for the New England Patriots. While the question of whether that means a different 2018 regular season remains to be seen, things definitely are different for now.

So what’s happening and why is it happening? Scott Zolak of the Patriots Radio Network and 98.5 The Sports Hub joined Tuesday’s PFT Live to discuss the situation. If you missed it, you’re in luck; the video is attached.

Zolak suggests that there continues to be lingering frustration and confusion arising from the Malcolm Butler benching. Zolak also addresses the question of whether a new contract would make Brady feel more appreciated than he currently does.

For the full interview, click the thing in the thing. And tune in weekdays to NBC Sports Radio from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET for PFT Live, including a two-hour simulcast from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET.

18 responses to “Scott Zolak shares some insights about a strange New England offseason

  1. Zolak went to the same high school as Joe Montana and was QB for the Pats. Since he has some ambivalence on who the true GOAT is, I wouldn’t trust anything he says. /s

  2. I remember vividly after the perfect season went up in air in February 2008 the majority of fans saying: “THAT’S IT! THE DYNASTY IS OVER!”

    And for the haters not saying that in the off season, the rest said it when a 31 year old Tom Brady tore his entire knee up on opening day 7 months later.

    Here we are over 10 years later since that 4th Super Bowl and 18-1 season.

    And I’m hearing the same song, with a different genre.

  3. There is nothing here. All I know is, Zolak is on very thin ice with his job at 98.5 if he plans to keep on doing All Access.

    He and Curran have been two trolls out of the woodwork lately and Kraft cannot be happy about the disingenuous behaviors and unprofessionalism.

    Some of these guys who have been paid very well and have been coasting, could be unemployed very soon.

    I am assuming this is a concerted effort by co-joining outlets to gain some traction after some recent mergers.

    Follow the money, folks.

  4. Never the most athletic guy, when Tom showed up for his uniform fitting in college, they gave him a drum major jacket for the marching band. He keeps it to this day as motivation.

  5. As a public rebuke to Belichick, I would like to hear a simple, but childish chant in every stadium the Patriots play in, including Foxboro, and especially at TD garden Wednesday, where Belichick will watch the Celtics. MALCOLM BUTLER! Followed by 5 claps. Simple, but effective, Belichick’s actions regarding Butler should never be forgiven or forgotten. He deserves complete humiliation for his giant ego getting in the way of what very well could have been a Superbowl win.

  6. This off season can not end soon enough for me……all this “CHICKEN LITTLE THE SKY IS FALLING” reporting is getting OLD…..
    I’ve never seen a team be as necessary to the MEDIA as the Patriots are…..
    The Pats have done nothing but have a great FA period, made some really good trades & had an excellent draft this year as well as set themselves up for a increadible draft next year….all this & getting some major players back from injury…….I guess the SKY IS FALLING, only it’s for the rest of the league & their fans!!!
    Dream on people…. the Pats are better than ever!!!
    Can’t wait to see them dismantle the league AGAIN….just hope they finish better than last year this time!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  7. Good points throughout the interview; however, you completely WIFFED on the TB12 topic. How can you completely ignore this “compensation” part of the contract?

    As a Cape Codder that was born back in the 60’s.. I’ve been to games at the “worst of times and the best of times,” but you should be taking the TB12 topic a bit more seriously.

  8. If there was such lingering frustration and confusion over Butler, then how come Brady said last week that neither he nor even Butler himself(!!!) have asked Belichick about it? Since being traded Butler hasn’t said much, and none of the current players have publicly called their coach out. Why? Because they know why – prob because although it pissed them off they accept Butler broke some sensitive team rule that ultimately the rest of the team all accept and adhere to.

  9. So “if” butler would have played we would have won the superbowl.So the games we won when butler did not play were really losses.I do not understand how some people think that the magic 8 ball is the answer for everything.

  10. You have to hear this stooge to believe him. He does radio up here in boston and i purposely switched to sirius because he has got to be heard to believed.

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