Seahawks carrying four fullbacks, including rookie free agent Khalid Hill

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The Seahawks really, really, really, really want a fullback on their roster. They are carrying four of them, only one less than the five tailbacks on their roster.

Seattle wants to become a more physical running team, which means adding a more traditional fullback.

“It has been a return to the dynamics that that gives you,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of 950AM KJR and PFT. “We always want to be hard ball and run the thing as we like and that gives us a whole [different] dimension that we’ve just been without. . . . This is a good competition right now, and I’m really happy that we have that kind of depth so that we can really check it out and we won’t have to just kind of spot play it and we can really go to it and lean on it during the camp time.”

Tre Madden played 67 snaps in the eight games he played at fullback last season after converting from being a college tailback. The Seahawks added Jalston Fowler to their practice squad last December 13 after the Titans cut him, and then Seattle signed him to a reserve/future contract after the season. Fowler played 42 games at fullback for Tennessee over the past three seasons.

For good measure, the Seahawks signed undrafted free agent fullbacks Khalid Hill and Marcus Martin.

Hill missed action in the rookie minicamp while nursing a pulled muscle, but, at 6 foot 2, 263 pounds, he looks the part.

He’s had really good background,’’ Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “He was a tight end and played fullback and their offense at Michigan is a well-rounded NFL-style offense, so we have seen him already do a lot of things. Getting him with us, we realize that he is really bright and does understand the motions, the shifts, the different positions that a fullback could get in, a tight end could get in. He’s going to have a chance. He’s a little nicked, had a little pull coming in here. But when he’s ready, he’ll have a chance to compete and a chance to show something.’’

13 responses to “Seahawks carrying four fullbacks, including rookie free agent Khalid Hill

  1. Actually, they’re giving all these guys a look to find out if any of them can play on the offensive line.

  2. Changed line coach, added a couple O-Line players, have several linemen returning from injury, a few returning O-Line players have given the front office confidence that they provide needed continuity and growth. Given all that, and with the returning RBs, they have demonstrated a commitment to improving the run game by selecting a RB in the first round and having these four Full Backs going into the preseason workouts.

    It has a different feel, doesn’t it?

  3. Tre Madden was great last year. Looking forward to who emerges from this group and makes it to the final roster. Always compete!

  4. That is a 180 deg. change in direction. Right after “winning” super defensive holding gate bowl, they cut their full back.

  5. Let them all BATTLE it out in training camp and pre-season games a keep a couple of them.

  6. The experiment of transforming the Seattle offense into a pass oriented one is being scrapped because of Russell Wilson’s awful second half of the 2017 season, which turned the number 2 passing offense into the number 12 by season’s end. Seattle spent a number 1 draft pick on a RB and now they are stocking up on fullbacks.

  7. The Seahawks are going to be a downhill running team this year. If they stay healthy, this will be fun to watch.


    I rhink they’ll be doing some read-option stuff still too so you have Russell Wilson being able to run out of this as well like the old days.

    To the guy talking about Russell Wilson’s second half last year: I imagine that had a lot to do with the running game being completely shut down due to injuries to both the running backs and the offensive line. By the end of the year other teams were playing nickel against the Seahawks and disregarding the run completely. Of course Russell’s stats went down.

    If you play chess not checkers in football you understand that you need balance to succeed. If the Seahawks had a decent running game and Russell’s passing stats were bad, then you might have a point, but that is not what happened. I would contend that the fact he was so good the first half and then fell off the second half was a direct result of the demise of the running game. Once Chris Carson went down for the year that was pretty much it.

    I imagine we’ll find out about that this upcoming season. My guess is Russell’s passing stats will be off the charts good with a solid running game. Got to keep the enemy guessing…once they know exactly what you’re going to do(Seahawks last year) things get pretty hard in the NFL.

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