Tuesday’s #PFTPM has a visit with Sean Payton

Getty Images

The #PFTPM week is rolling already, thanks to a new episode that features a 20-minute visit with Saints coach Sean Payton.

With 40 minutes of other stuff wrapped around both ends of the Payton conversation, it’s a great one-hour way to unwind, commute home, etc.

The interview was taped before the news emerged about Mark Ingram‘s suspension, so no questions were posted to Payton on that topic. However, the discussion covers plenty of other subjects, both as it relates to the team and Payton’s role as a member of the Competition Committee, which currently is looking at the kickoff and the use of the helmet as a weapon.

No weapons are needed to get access to the #PFTPM podcast. It’s free. Listen below, and also subscribe, rate, and review, in the hopes of allowing the show to generate more (any) money.