Would Browns trade Corey Coleman?

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With the return of Josh Gordon and the trade for Jarvis Landry and the drafting of Antonio Callaway, the Browns suddenly have a crowded room at the receiver position. Does that make 2016 first-rounder Corey Coleman the odd man out? Perhaps.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer suggests that the Browns would trade Coleman, if the Browns receive a “decent offer.”

It’s unclear what that precisely means, but whoever gets Coleman would be banking on him playing much better than he has in two NFL seasons. Injuries (a pair of broken hands) have been an issue, and Coleman has only 718 career receiving yards in 19 career regular-season games. The question becomes whether he can be more durable, and whether he can do more when he plays.

If Coleman washes out of Cleveland, he’d become the latest failed first-round receiver in an eye-opening list of them. After Julio Jones and A.J. Green arrived in 2011 (Jonathan Baldwin was the first-round bust that year), round one has produced more than a few receivers who failed to live up to their potential. In 2012, Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, and A.J. Jenkins didn’t work out. In 2013, Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson became more bust than boom. (DeAndre Hopkins turned out OK.) In 2015, Kevin White, DeVante Parker (who has yet to break out), Nelson Agholor, Breshad Perriman, and Phillip Dorsett eventually underachieved. (Amari Cooper was the exception.)The 2016 class of Coleman, Will Fuller (1,058 total yards in two seasons, so not really a bust), Josh Doctson, and Laquon Treadwell have been uninspiring, at best. In 2017, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and John Ross failed to overwhelm as rookies.

Of course, 2014 provided a major exception to the trend, with Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Brandin Cooks, and Kelvin Benjamin each performing at a high level, even through three of them were traded, with one traded twice.

As it relates to Coleman, the change of scenery that would come from a trade could be a welcome development. And so we’ll see whether the Browns get a “decent offer” for his services at some point before training camps open.

Based on Coleman’s first two years, a “decent offer” could be the Browns giving another team a draft pick to take his remaining guaranteed money off the books.

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  1. Kendall Wright while not an all pro is decent … he is similar to Tedd Ginn in that he was over drafted

    Nelson Agholor is alright same concept

  2. Why not let him play out the head with Gordon and Landry, unless his cap impacts them immensely. As much as I want Gordon to be the stud he was years ago there is no certainty of that, Coleman’s been decent when not injured.

  3. Coleman would be the perfect compliment to the Kizerceptor in Green Bay. The Kizerceptor can’t throw and Coleman can’t catch. A match made in the Brown’s Draft Board Heaven!

  4. I see no reason the Browns should trade him until they prove this new regime can draft real talent. Besides, what is he worth? Brandon Marshall was traded for a 5th round pick. What’s this guy worth, a 6 or 7? And why are we so sure this WR group is now crowded? Josh Gordon is back? I have heard that before. They drafted a WR? How do we know he is any better than Coleman? Let those guys battle it out and if you manage to have 3 good WRs at the end of the year, make plans then.

  5. Deandre Hopkins has been outstanding considering the QBs were Ryan Fitzpatrick Bryan Hoyer Tom Savage and Ryan Mallet basically a whose who of “why does this guy have a job?”

  6. He has two broken hands? Would have fit right on the RAIDERS’ WR corps last year.

  7. If they get an offer they like why not, I think in Todays NFL it is a tougher learning process than others, while X’s and Os maybe similar from college to pro. There is a huge difference between DBs in college and DBs in the NFL and amount of separation you get. Last but not least one of the biggest factors I feel is trust. While Cleveland has had GOBS of qbs bust which is why Josh Gordon is the closest to elite WR they since returning as an expansion team. QBs need to trust their WRs and it takes a few seasons to build that trust which is why I don’t feel you see WRs bursting onto the seen like Megatron AJ Green and Julio did.

  8. why trade corey coleman? yes, he made a major dookie looking drop against the steelers that clinched 0-16, but he has talent. injuries are what has derailed him, not pure talent. watch highlights from his first appearance against the ravens. he straight owned that sorry ravens defense in his debut, snagging 2 tds.

  9. I thought Kendall Wright was a pretty good slot receiver, then he never really got much of a shot after that good season in Tennessee, not sure what the issue is there.

    I’m not a fan of Coleman, but I think the Browns need to give some of these young guys a little more time, they’ve dismantled many of their past drafts already. So what if your regime didn’t draft the guys?

  10. Adam Kachur
    May 8, 2018, 7:31 PM CDT
    watch highlights from his first appearance against the ravens. he straight owned that sorry ravens defense in his debut, snagging 2 tds.
    🤔I’m confused, what defense gave up a 20 point comeback in the second half! Oh ok

  11. These people traded Kizer, Kessler & Hogan. I would almost expect them to trade Coleman & an odd OL player as well. I’m not sure why but I’m feeling something called trust

  12. Hopkins also had the Brock “the WR Killer” Osweiler attempting to throw passes to him.

  13. alonmars says:
    🤔I’m confused, what defense gave up a 20 point comeback in the second half! Oh ok

    So now the Ravens “Good D” benchmark is to be better than Cleveland?
    That is a lot to be proud of.

  14. Why trade him – who knows if Gordon relapses again – and if he does, he’s gone for good. Who knows if Callaway continues down the messy path he’s been on, and if he does, he won’t be around long. While Coleman has been underwhelming, he’s worth keeping unless someone is stupid enough to pony up a 1st rounder for him.

  15. When Josh McCown and Brock Osweiler were throwing to Corey Coleman he looked like he could be the next AJ Green. The Browns even went 4-0 during the pre season with a top 10 offense.

    Brown cut both and Deshaun Kizer was named starter and their passing game was dead in the water. Coleman can’t be blamed there.

  16. Is Coleman a better 4th receiver than Ricardo Louis or ‘Lakewood’ Higgins? Yes and yes… and it’s not even close. Reports say that the revamp of the receiver corps and FO has really woke him up as to where he really is at in his career. Antonio Callaway is here to take his job as WR2 after Josh came back to take his WR1 position. No chance that he outplays Landry for the slot.
    I say keep him through training camp to make sure the fire is well stoked and if Callaway can indeed take his position then take offers or cut him outright.

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