Cowboys remain in search of safety help

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The Cowboys didn’t address free safety in the draft, and after talking to the Seahawks about a trade for Earl Thomas, Dallas found the price too high.

That doesn’t mean the Cowboys wouldn’t call the Seahawks to renew trade talks about Thomas.

The Cowboys definitely remain in search of safety help.

The Cowboys moved free safety Byron Jones to cornerback this offseason. Chidobe Awuzie, whom they drafted in the second round last year with the idea of playing him at safety, remains at cornerback after making six starts there as a rookie.

That leaves Xavier Woods as the starter at free safety . . . and the Cowboys looking for additional help.

“Absolutely. I mean, we don’t ever quit looking in terms of player acquisition,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “One of the things that is unique is, when you have players with versatility, it probably makes you feel a little better. We’ve talked about Byron and Chidobe. We certainly want them honed in on what we want them to do this year. But at the same time, if we saw the right fit — whether at the free safety position or the strong safety position, because we know Jeff [Heath] has flexibility, as well — we’ll certainly look at that. But for the most part, when we look back on this offseason in terms of the free agency aspect of it, in terms of the draft aspect of it, we feel really good about what we were able to get done. You pointed it out, free safety, if the right spot were there would we have done something, absolutely. But it just didn’t work out that way and we certainly didn’t want to push the issue. We had to make a few tough decisions on whether to go with another need or the free safety need. But we feel like, overall, we’re very comfortable and confident where we are. But there’s still a lot of work to do between now and the start of the season.

“We’ve got some really good football players on this team. I think the competition levels will be high, and who knows — at the end of training camp, if you’re real strong in a particular area, you might could do something along those lines, as well, in terms of trading a player for a player. We certainly are confident in where we are, but we know we certainly have a lot of work to do.”

16 responses to “Cowboys remain in search of safety help

  1. Wow. This team needs everything except a running back. Not only does the NFC East love this, all of America loves it. The self proclaimed American team will be flushed down the toilet again. 6 wins if there lucky.

  2. The headline is misleading, the Cowboys have confidence in who they have right now and are not actively searching for help. There are plenty of veteran players out there right now, but the Cowboys are in the midst of a youth movement in the back end of their defense.

  3. Tre Boston and Kenny V are still available since they didn’t want to give up the draft pick for Earl. Any of those options will probably yield more INTS than the current group on the roster. Who knew the Boys would still be trying to replace Darren Woodson 15 years later??

  4. So a year or two from now looking at the picks they drafted in the first 3 rounds (1 – Leighton Vander Esch, 2 – Connor Williams, 3 – Michael Gallup) will they be kicking themselves because they didn’t give up a combination of those picks to land a perennial pro bowl free safety?

  5. If you are the Seahawks do you wait and take a 3rd round pick
    as comp for Thomas ( his value now) or take a 2nd round pick
    and save some money. On the other side …do the Cowboys wait
    a year and give up nothing…..or try to compete this year. If I am the
    Seahawks and are quietly rebuilding or aiming down the road, I take the
    pick now and save the cap money and role it into next seasons free

  6. There are 3 pretty good FA safeties available. Obviously compensation at the position is undergoing a market correction but now that the deadline for signings impacting comp picks has passed Vaccarro, Boston and Reid are likely to draw attention. Well, at least two of the three should anyway…

  7. The Dolphins have TJ McDonald available trade them for a linebacker

  8. The Truth says:

    Worst pairmof safeties innthe league and it isn’t even debatable

    wow, you need to get some sleep instead of ripping into every single Cowboys story, maybe take an English course or something.

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