Derrick Johnson on joining Raiders: Jon Gruden was a big pull

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Linebacker Derrick Johnson officially became a member of the Raiders this week and he held a conference call with reporters on Wednesday to discuss the move.

Johnson was released after 13 seasons with the Chiefs and said that he heard from several teams about joining them for the 2018 season. He said Oakland wound up being the choice because of their head coach and because he felt Oakland had the best ideas for using a player who feels he has “a lot left in the tank.”

“Oakland was the best opportunity. Jon Gruden was a big pull,” Johnson said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “Me coming here and visiting and talking to the coaching staff, it just went off well. Oakland had the best plan for me at my age that I’m at now.”

Johnson didn’t disclose specifics of the plan the Raiders pitched to him, but he did say that he likes defensive coordinator Paul Guenther’s scheme because it “is built for linebackers to make plays.” In addition to Johnson, the Raiders brought in Tahir Whitehead, Emmanuel Lamur and Kyle Wilbur to make those plays and the coming months will determine how often each of them is on the field to make them.

16 responses to “Derrick Johnson on joining Raiders: Jon Gruden was a big pull

  1. Gruden is old school and beats the hell out of his veterans…..wonder why an injury prone LB in the twilight of his career would want that.

  2. Johnson was a very good player as recently as 5 years ago. As it stands now, he’s no longer of benefit on the field and this is another foolish acquisition by Gruden (rather than keeping Bowman). As for leadership qualities, Khalil Mack provides all the leadership-by-example that the Raiders need on D.

  3. Maybe if y’all would do some reading and understand that negotiations aren’t dead as far as Navarro Bowmen goes. He will be a raider before long. And 2 say DJ’s has nothing left in the tank y’all must be saints fans or belong 2 the hater nation. Paul G will utilize DJ and get the most out of him. And the add on’s of Hurst,Key and PJ oh yeah its going to be a linebackers heaven

  4. footballinla says:
    Patriots sign vets, great move. Raiders sign vets, bad move. SMH

    The big difference is that NE usually signs vets that can help them…Oakland, not so much.

  5. Chuckles was a big pull…1) there’s certainly no other reason to sign up there; 2) maybe DJ is considering a second career as a clown.

  6. I wish DJ all the luck in the world, loved having him in KC. I think the Chiefs did the right thing cutting him, he does seem to be at the end of his career.

    So here is my hopes for next year. Against all teams but KC, I hope DJ goes off and dominates on defense, single handily holding the other team’s offence to only 3 points and the the Raiders offensive never scores. 🙂

    And is it possible to have DJ to where a different uniform while playing? The thought of him wearing Silver and Black kind of makes me sick to my stomach. LOL

    Good Luck DJ….in 14 of your games.

  7. silvernblackpride says:
    Jealousy becomes ya’ll
    HA HA HA

    Jealous of WHAT, exactly?
    Jealous of a team with no championship in three-and-a-half decades? Jealous of a team with only one Super Bowl appearance since 1983 – a game that ended in a humiliating beat-down? Jealous of a team that hires and turns over the reins to a guy with a career winning percentage of only .541 — a guy who hasn’t coached a game in anger in a decade, and is now signing a slew of well-past-their-prime players like Derrick Johnson, Jordy Nelson et al?
    I repeat, what is there for anyone else to be jealous of? By all means, do tell?
    There are many good Raiders fans who frequent this site. Unfortunately, too many others make the Raiders seem like the AFC counterpart to the Minnesota Vikings fan base: Offseason champs every year, followed by cries of “wait ’til next year” and “we wuz robbed” after it inevitably all blows up.

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    owlbania says:
    May 9, 2018 at 5:52 pm
    footballinla says:
    Patriots sign vets, great move. Raiders sign vets, bad move. SMH

    The big difference is that NE usually signs vets that can help them…Oakland, not so much.

    Yeah like Tommy Kelly? The Raidrers cut. Lol

    How about Richard Seymour?

    You’re welcome.

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