Donald Penn not charged in domestic violence case

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Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn will not be charged after police conducted a domestic violence investigation.

The L.A. City Attorney’s Office told TMZ it will not move forward with charges against Penn.

“The office rejected this case because of lack of corroboration, and on the ground that there is no reasonable likelihood of conviction on the domestic violence matter,” a spokesperson said.

Police were called to Penn’s house and told that he slapped his wife’s butt, poured a drink on her head and grabbed her by the wrist as the two had an argument. Penn and his wife both said later that there was no physical altercation.

It is still possible that Penn could face league discipline, as the NFL typically conducts its own investigations and has the authority to suspend players even if no charges are filed.

26 responses to “Donald Penn not charged in domestic violence case

  1. Slapped her butt and poured a drink on her head? Sounds like some kinky stuff instead of DV.

  2. It’s called an abusive relationship. Women live in fear of reprisal. So much so they’d rather go home with an abuser that take a chance he catches up with her when he gets out if she tells the truth.

  3. Is anyone really shocked to hear yet another celebrity or athlete gets away with something an average person would undoubtably be charged? Talk about privilege!

  4. He’s not going to make the squad anyway. Thirty five with declining skill, coming off a Lisfranc. Players in their prime weighing less than he does struggle coming back. A lot of pressure with that body weight on his foot. He hasn’t been able to work out in the off season rehabbing the injury. At best he’s ready for training camp. Gruden didn’t draft and reach for 2 tackles because he’s sure Penn can be ready for this year. RAIDERS save 5.3 of his 8.3 mil contract this year if they cut him. Save enough room to sign Bowman. Cut his tired old butt.

  5. “If his wife won’t testify then the league cannot come up with an excuse to discipline the player either.”

    Lolz have you not been paying attention the last few years? Of course Goodell and his cronies can discipline this guy if they want to.

  6. His wife isn’t testifying because she doesn’t want to lose that lifestyle she has been afforded by him being a NFL player.
    This is a no brainer. Where there is smoke, there is fire!! Duhhh

  7. His wife probably said, “They just drafted your replacement”. He got upset. He spanked her, poured the drink. After she hit him he grabbed her arm to protect himself. Mix in a lot of yelling and you get the cops. Relationship provocation. That’s probably every relationship in America. Not excusing it.

  8. By the Zeke history, doesn’t matter if charges are filed. Still a 6 game suspension no questions asked.

  9. I’m curious, do the cops just randomly show up at people’s houses now? Apparently something happened as they were called by someone – so basically this is the wife realizing that him getting a DV charge would kill his career and end the gravy train. Stay classy Raiders…

  10. Google “Donald Penn Jared Allen.” Watching them duke it out on live TV was pretty epic. I remember wondering who the heck Donald Penn was. Jared got em in the end.

  11. His wife should have left after he allegedly knocked up a reality TV star. I guess it’s hard to give up a certain lifestyle you are accustomed to.

  12. Said Gruden: “Man, I love Donald Penn. He’s a grinder, and he knows how shut a turkey hole!”

  13. Penn should still be cut as soon as possible. His play was awful in 2017, he disrupted the team with his holdout and he was a cancer (along with Lynch) on the team. I wouldn’t even keep Penn for the veteran minimum salary.

  14. If it was simply all about money his wife could easily take him to the cleaners in a divorce. She doesnt have to remain married to him in order to be paid well for the rest of her life…cmon now.

  15. She decided to go back to her abuser. No worries though, he’ll re-offend soon.

  16. We will see how consistent the NFL and Goodell are.
    Even though Penn’s Wife has retracted her original
    statements or accusations the NFL should and probably
    will continue the investigation.
    It will be interesting to see what the standard of review will be.
    In the Elliot cas, the victim was caught lying and attempting to
    have another witness lie to the police. In addition the NFL
    investigator, the only NFL rep to meet with the alleged victim,
    made a professional recommendation to NOT SUSPEND Elliot.
    The Investiagtor opined that the victim was not truthful.
    Despite all the recommendations and evidence to the contrary.
    The NFL leadership ignored their own investigators findings
    and gave Elliot the max.

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