Jerry Jones: Cowboys not interested in signing a veteran tight end “at this time”

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The Saints cut Coby Fleener, while Marcedes Lewis and Antonio Gates are among the tight ends still available as free agents. The Cowboys aren’t interested despite losing Jason Witten.

Owner Jerry Jones insists the Cowboys are prepared to go with the young tight ends on their roster.

“I like the group that we have and don’t see at this time [adding a veteran], but I reserve the right to change my mind,” Jones said. “At this time, I don’t see adding an additional veteran player to our group. I like the opportunity, the freshness of the group. I like the opportunity of the competition. We’re familiar. We’ve got new guys as far as our group is concerned in there. The makeup of that creates an atmosphere that I think could enhance how we play tight end.”

Geoff Swaim has made nine catches for 94 yards and no touchdowns in 28 career games. Blake Jarwin didn’t catch a pass in his only career game, and Rico Gathers has never played a down in two years spent converting from basketball. The Cowboys drafted Dalton Schultz in the fourth round, and they signed San Diego State’s David Wells as an undrafted rookie free agent.

“We’re excited about the group,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “You know, we feel good about those young guys. Obviously, Wit has been such a big part of what we’ve done here for a long time. As we all know, he played so much. He played every game [except one in his career]. He played virtually every play in all different situations. A guy like Geoff Swaim has gotten some opportunities to play. Blake Jarwin, who we’re excited about, really hasn’t had a chance to play in games yet. Rico was still learning the game. So each of those guys, they’re new and there’s a lot of learning for them over the course of this spring and through training camp to get them ready. Excited about the tight end we drafted. Looking forward to getting him in here and seeing what he has to offer our team. But this gives a lot of young guys an opportunity. In a lot of ways, that can help them grow that much more quickly. They’re not standing there watching, learning that way. They’re in there. They’re in the fire, and I think that’ll help them develop.”

9 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys not interested in signing a veteran tight end “at this time”

  1. Agree. There is no real advantage to signing a vet at this time. Need to see what they have in the young guys. They have some talented, athletic candidates that have been watching Witten do it for a couple of years now, and probably are hungry for this opportunity to compete for an open position.

  2. Obviously the key part of his statement is “at this time”. Jones has high expectations for this team this year. One of these veterans (or maybe another veteran who will be cut) will be lining up for the Cowboys on opening day

  3. Jones cannot sign any FA at this time. He is going to need all the cash he can put together to be able to pay Dak, Matt Ryan money.

  4. I hope he does get Ryan type money. That means lots of wins for the Eagles and no cap room for any other players that might actually help

  5. So the Cowboys are going with no veteran presence in the QB room and now the TE room. I have to get my popcorn to watch this! Jones is talking about pay Dak who had a pretty average at best season last year and Zeke has to be thinking – “OK, I said feed me but this is way to much, you are going to shorten my career by 3 years”

  6. not a good sign for their fans that jones still hasn’t grasped that he knows absolutely nothing about football and has been the cause of decades of uninterrupted failure. giants remain a disaster at qb and who knows where the skins are headed, but cowboys are sure to remain a nightmare with jones. eagles fans have to be loving all this.

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