Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant can make “a significant contribution” to a team


Dez Bryant remains a free agent almost four weeks after the Cowboys released him. Other than the Ravens’ offer of a multi-year deal in the neighborhood of the three-year, $21 million contract signed by Michael Crabtree, no other interest in Bryant has surfaced publicly.

“I don’t have a reaction to that, because I have no idea if that’s the volition of the teams or his choice,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday at the team’s annual golf tournament. “I certainly know that he’s probably got the opportunities [and is] going to be pretty selective and should be. He’s earned it. By the same token, I wouldn’t dare speak for any of the other 31 teams.”

Cowboys scouting chief Will McClay cited Bryant’s inability “to win one-on-one, to win downfield” and the receiver’s “inconsistency.” Bryant, who has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014 and has gone 23 games without a 100-yard game, was scheduled to make a $12.5 million base salary and count $16.5 million against the cap.

Jones, who has a close relationship with Bryant, was asked about McClay’s comments from a radio interview last week.

“I don’t feel that way,” Jones said. “That’s not to disagree at all with Will, but I wish and want Dez to have the opportunity to compete in the NFL. I think he can, and I think he will. He’s certainly got the right stuff and the real question is: As every player in his career deals with injury or deals with the length of his career, I think he’s very capable mentally as well as physically to do the kinds of things that you have to to adjust as you move on through your career. We just lost one of the greatest role models that may have ever played this game in Jason Witten. But certainly I think he can take some of the things he’s seen Jason do and incorporate of that type of attitude and work ethic in what he’s doing and get a chance to be back out there.

“I think that every evaluation that I’ve seen, Dez has an excellent opportunity to make a contribution and a significant contribution to a team. Our time was the time and the right time as far as our relationship but that doesn’t preclude him from being productive for another team.”

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  1. The greatest GM in the history of the league has spoken…It amazes me Cowboys fans don’t think of him as PT Barnum…2 playoff wins in 2 and a half decades, but you continue to pay for this. He truly is a genius.

  2. This year in Dallas will turn out to be a nightmarish season of epic proportions. After being exposed last year scattershot prescott will further regress after teams have another year to prepare for him. Linebackers and secondary below avwrage and wr’s and te’s stink

  3. Lets get some facts straight really quick. If it was only up to Jerry to keep Dez and pay him $16, he would have. Will McClay and the coaches talked him hard into it and that is the only way they were able to pull the plug.

  4. Does anyone believe a word that comes out of Jerry’s mouth? Seriously.

    When your words constantly contradict your actions, people stop believing you. My favorite was when he said Dallas has a “zero tolerance” policy toward domestic abuse.

  5. Nick Foles… a backup QB. Has won more playoff games in a single season, than ANY Dallas QB in the last 20 something years, including the SB. Think about it. Yes, Jerruh you are brilliant. Can’t wait for the Romo ring of honor ceremony.

  6. Jerry cannot shut his mouth. I realize he and succeeds in keeping his mediocre franchise relevant but he damages the team in my opinion. Let your coaches coach and your players play. The drama is a distraction and I’m an Eagles fan.

  7. What’s funny is how he sits in on coaches meetings after games…. He’s a puppeteer

  8. Of course he can. He’s just not a good fit in a timing offense, where it requires the player to run routes on schedule, with respect to the depth and distance. Dez flourished under Romo, however, because of the ‘backyard ball’ concepts that allowed Romo to freelance, utilize his innate ability to read his receivers minds and didn’t require them to run the called plays.

  9. @700levelvet
    Snyder doesn’t even pretend to try to put competitive teams on the field and Redskins fanss continue to pay. He’s even more of a genius.

  10. When making a list of all the teams that are in desperate need of wide receivers and sure could use a Dez Bryant,one team makes the top of the list. The Dallas Cowboys.

  11. I thought it to be a very well reasoned answer by Jerry Jones, which included one key phrase …

    Jerry presents that Dez still has the talent to play in the league, and shoud do so if he desires to.

    Then Jerry includes the small phrase which explains everything regarding that situation in a nutshell …. “attitude and work ethic ….” …. or lack thereof.

  12. Sometimes a team has to take a step backwards to get better.
    In some instances you have to make changes to find out
    if a younger player is what you hope he is and at other times
    some payers are best let go because of many factors,
    price, production, lockerom issues and influences.
    Dez May have been let go for some or all of those reasons,
    however, Jerry Jones is an owner who will take more steps
    than other owners to allow a player to be successful.
    If a player can’t succeed under Jerry there is usually an
    issue. Dez may do well after his wake up call, but
    at age 30 I’m not betting on it.

  13. chrisdmv says:
    May 9, 2018 at 3:21 pm
    Lets get some facts straight really quick. If it was only up to Jerry to keep Dez and pay him $16, he would have. Will McClay and the coaches talked him hard into it and that is the only way they were able to pull the plug.

    Actually, I think Jerry is kind of peeved at himself for cutting Dez.

    Witten was one of the guys that wanted Dez gone. If he had announced his retirement 2 months ago or after the season ended, I believe Dez would still be a Cowboy.

    As things are now, Jerry has no Witten and no Dez so he feels like he was manipulated, which as we all know sends him up a wall.

  14. I suspect that he didn’t finish his thought….Dez contribution can be significant, but not at the price they were going to have to pay, nor at the price that Dez will have to ultimately accept.

    Once the reality of his present value is realized by Dez, expect him to sign with a team with a huge chip on his shoulder. He will either be great again or complete flop, nothing in between.

  15. As Florio has pointed out, Amazon’s “All or Nothing,” is all you need to see from last season to know it was an absolute lock they were gonna dump him.

    It was clear all of the coaches were tired of the act and tired of trying to keep Dez right in the head, even during games.

    It was actually fascinating to watch his childish breakdowns and inability to stay focused. He should really be on some kinda ADHD bi-polar meds or something. If he already is, then up the dosage.

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