Mo Hurst heavily motivated by draft slide


The diagnosis of an irregular heartbeat resulted in a draft-day(s) plunge for former Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, dropping him all the way to round five, where the recently-risk-taking Raiders took a chance on him with the 140th overall pick. Hurst is miffed than no one called him sooner.

“Thirty-one teams didn’t want me and just take that and let it motivate me every game that I play,” Hurst recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio, via “Just work and make teams regret that.”

No matter how good Hurst becomes, teams likely won’t regret making the safe choice medically. Hurst has an irregular heartbeat. Hurst will predictably try to downplay it, but he has a health condition that gives teams legitimate concerns about his ability to have an extended and meaningful NFL career.

“Just an irregular heartbeat,” Hurst said. “I don’t think it’s anything of concern for myself or any other team. So, the Raiders, it’s something we have to get checked up every year and just make sure everything’s good.”

So what happens if next year’s checkup is the one that results in a finding that he can’t continue? Or the next? What if a real problem is detected and Hurst decides he wants to keep playing, and he finds a doctor to clear him? Can the Raiders or any team afford to risk a Reggie Lewis-type situation?

For now, the risk seems to be that Hurst at some point won’t be cleared to keep playing, and nothing worse. Still, that was a risk that plenty of other teams didn’t want to take.

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  1. I don’t understand these type of statements when guys slide in the draft. So are they saying they wouldn’t give as much effort if they were chosen earlier in the draft?

  2. “No matter how good Hurst becomes, teams likely won’t regret making the safe choice medically.”

    What choice is that? Drafting him in the top 4 rounds is no different than drafting him in the 1st when speaking of making the ‘safe choice medically’. He’s still going to play regardless of where they took him. Let’s not pretend teams were doing it in HIS best interest. It was strictly a risk / value play by the Raiders. They were just willing to roll the dice the earliest on his questionable health, but will still try to get something out of him. Hopefully the guy doesn’t have any major issues and has a long, healthy career, but let’s not call this something it’s not.

  3. Mo will be one of the hardest working players on the field and will make the Raiders VERY glad they picked him.

    Many other teams… will be face palming after playing against him.

  4. Florio is reaching on this one.

    The kid has been cleared to play.

    Tell Hurst two things:

    1) Please sign the waiver

    2) Get the quarterback

  5. Somebody didn’t get the bargain they wanted. Most likely a GM who told his owner, I’ll get him in the 7th or as an UDFA. To save face, they have to drag the RAIDERS through the mud. It’s a dirty business. As afar as a Hurst motivating himself, it’s no different than having locker room bulletin board material. Th we dudes are multi millionaires with egos. They need something other than money to motivate them. Even with money, it’s not about the money for these QBs, it’s about being the highest paid. Nothing wrong with using a perceived or real slight to get amped up. Every little bit of motivation helps, regardless if it’s perceived or real.

  6. What Mo got was a lifetime supply of bulletin board material. TB12 plays with a chip on his shoulder because he was 199. It has kept him motivated for 18 years.

    Football has a lot of “push yourself beyond your limits” in it. Much like some of the elite military. It does not matter what your motivation is just that it is there to give yourself that little extra to push yourself to new limits every day.

  7. Even if the guy someday goes to the HOF I would never blame a team for passing him over through the first 4-5 rounds and neither should the teams who passed on him feel badly about it. I also dont blame the Raiders for drafting him when they did. Hopefully it is something that isnt life-threatening and he has a great career.

  8. “So what happens if next year’s checkup is the one that results in a finding that he can’t continue? Or the next?”

    And what happens if Saquon Barkley blows out his knee in game 1 or if Sam Darnold turns into the next Mark Sanchez or (worse) Matt Barkley? Every pick is a risk, but the upside with Hurst is ridiculous.

    I’m not bothered at all by the “high risk, high reward” selections in the Raiders draft. My only complaint (given how conservative the other 31 teams are right now) is that the Raiders jumped on some of these picks a round or two early.

  9. Wasn’t he cleared by Harvard and Michigan Docs? Could the NFL Combine Med Staff be wrong or at least too prone to assume the worst? Didn’t this man just finish an entire season of heavy competition with no adverse effects?

  10. One more thing… will this finding and subsequent denial of entry to the combine lead to a future where any college player who has suffered a concussion or two is now also off team’s draft boards?

  11. People live just fine with irregular heartbeats. A lot of it is “what does irregular mean?” He’s cleared. Better yet he knows about his condition (and I hesitate to call it that). Every time someone steps on the field, practice or on Sunday, there’s a risk. Guys tear ligaments just running around.

  12. Before I knew much about football, I’d wonder how really good players slip into mid- or late- rounds and I gotta say– it ain’t rocket science. My Vikings have made it a theme to pluck amazing DLinemen in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Here’s another example.

    This guy is really good and should be pissed he wasn’t picked sooner. Heartbeat concerns slid him down–ok. Great for the Raiders, who got terrific value.

  13. Hurst played college football at a high level with no issues what so ever. Many critics are judging him on a condition that was cleared by several nfl team doctors along with Harverd medical. Face it haters the Nation got the steal of the draft. Oh make that a double still in LSU pass rusher Adlen Key

  14. If Billichek made this selection nobody says a thing. The Raiders do it and it’s a bad choice. The great thing about football is that they actually play on the field. The draft grades don’t mean crap! We will see how it works out sooner than later.

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