Patriots sign seventh-round pick Danny Etling

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The Patriots signed LSU quarterback Danny Etling to a four-year deal Wednesday. He was the first of the team’s nine draft picks to agree to terms.

New England made Etling the first choice of the seventh round, No. 219 overall. He joins Brian Hoyer behind Tom Brady.

Etling began his college career at Purdue and transferred to LSU in 2015. He took over as the starter for the Tigers in 2016 and held the job through last season. He completed 325-of-544 passes for 2,463 yards, 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions over his two seasons at LSU.

19 responses to “Patriots sign seventh-round pick Danny Etling

  1. And the eyebrows go up, go up, and they stay there. And they stay there!

  2. I watched the tape, and this guy actually looks good. The next Tom Brady?

  3. I watched every LSU game he played after coming from Purdue.
    He cant make all the throws. Cost them some big games. Got booed a lot.
    That said, must be fixable if he got a 4 year deal.

  4. If the Colts signed this guy, patriot fans would’ve flooded the comment board with 500 comments by now laughing at them, but instead, they are actually talking this clown up as a great signing. You seriously can’t make this up about this true laughingstock of a fanbase

  5. If the Colts signed this guy, they’d ruin him.

    That’s what you actually cannot make up.

  6. Just think they could have picked him in the first round and have him lose out to a 7th rounder…ooops my bad that would be paxton lynch(denver) or they could have traded everything for RG3 oooops again…kept kap instead of smith ooops…drafted all those 1st round busts oooops…paid millions for glennon…let manning walk(funny how he still has more wins since luck took over than luck has)…funny how EVERY team signs their draft picks, I mean who does that?

  7. Coming from an LSU guy., I’ll advise not to have high, or even moderate, hopes for Etling. His below-averageness and stagnation had us all pleading, and at times screaming, for the green true freshman Myles Brennan.

    Oh, he could be Brady’s backup, sure. If he never has to buckle that chinstrap, that is.

  8. This drafting and then signing is nothing more than Belichick taking a flyer with a very late pick to see if he finds a rock in the mud that can be polished into a diamond. It cant be faulted since he has done it before with a deep pick that everyone said had to many weaknesses to ever be hood. He will drop the playbook on this guy give him all the right coaching, and a year out look at what he has. If he shows promise after one year they will continue with that development. And so it will do as long as he continues to develop and not hit any ceilings. And if no gold there then not much was lost, really just a late round pick.

  9. I thought it was going to be Luke Falk who was taken by the Titans and their former Patriots staffers,doing their best bit to conjure up the Brady Magic by taking the Brady-like QB in The Brady 199th spot of the sixth round. Cute.

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