Ra’Shede Hageman works out for Patriots

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Defensive tackle Ra'Shede Hageman was placed on the Comissioner’s Exempt List last September due to a domestic violence incident and remained out of the league all year after the Falcons released him a couple of days later.

Hageman would eventually be given and serve a six-game suspension while a free agent. Now he’s trying to get his career going again.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Hageman met with the Patriots. It’s the first known meeting that Hageman’s had this offseason and it comes with the team that Hageman faced in Super Bowl LI, which was his last non-exhibition game with Atlanta.

Hageman was a second-round pick in 2014. He had 62 tackles and four sacks in 44 games for the Falcons over his first three seasons in the league.

12 responses to “Ra’Shede Hageman works out for Patriots

  1. Bill being Bill…. no stone unturned!!!!
    Love how the Pats are constantly looking to improve their roster…..
    May not even sign him but are getting a feel for how he’d fit if a player gets hurt & they need a replacement for a few games or rest of the season….

    Go Pats!!!

  2. Hawks showed interest just last month according to KSTP’s Darren Wolfson who bumped into Hageman the other week. But as it was the Hawks and not the Patriots, the wider media wasn’t interested in getting any Hawk denial/clarification, and nor was the salty mountain of hate interested in accusing them of secrecy.

  3. Don’t like Patriots….

    …..but you have to admire their thoroughness and appetite to improve all the time.

    Most teams as sitting back now smoking their collective cigars, seem to have their rosters set now, seem happy with what they have, and are getting ready for minicamps, OTA’s, camp etc.

    Not the Patriots. They are always looking to improve every spot, all the time; and are ruthless about it. If BB can get a first-round talent guy like Hageman on board at near vet-minimum, he’ll do it.

    I just wish my team had a single ounce of their hunger…….

  4. This guy is one SUPERLAZY s.o.b. I live in the Twin Cites and had the unfortunate displeasure of watching this guy play for the Minnesota Gophers and man does this guy take plays off. I think he shows up for several plays a game at most-he’s exactly like that big fat slob of a disappointment the Washington Redskins signed as a free agent and got taken to the cleaners for!!!!

  5. Pats love to sign 1rst rnd pks they were previously interested in in the draft. Results have been marginal, but the price is usually cheap.

  6. I also live in MN and have watched this guy for years. It’s easy to judge players from one’s couch. He and his older brother were abandoned by their birth parents and adopted in grade school. He had a tough time for much of HS and his first two years at the U of M. His last two years things clicked, he became respected by teammates and coaches, and I never observed him taking plays off. As a pro, he was sporadic and it was tough to gauge his ability with the Falcon’s continuous rotation scheme. No doubt he is still troubled if the domestic issues are accurate, but a low-risk veteran minimum contract for an average NFL interior lineman with pass rush ability isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  7. Pats love to sign 1rst rnd pks they were previously interested in in the draft.

    Was there a player selected in the first Rd talked about in this article? I must have missed that because I read that the guy who was mentioned in this article was drafted in the 2nd Rd.

  8. @scmems07 – Hageman was finally picked 37th, but was an expected 1st rd. What Tedmurph was prob referring to was that Pats were previously interested in Hageman but ended up picking Easley at 29th, and regretted it. Hence Tedmurph is referring to a guy who he thinks Pats wished they’d picked in the 1st rd, not where he actually got picked, and that Pats have a track record in doing so.

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