Ravens open cap space by restructuring Tony Jefferson’s contract

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The Ravens have 12 players to sign from their 2018 draft class and they opened some cap space to help with that and any other roster-building efforts by adjusting the contract of one of their current players.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that the Ravens have restructured safety Tony Jefferson‘s deal. They took $5 million of his $6 million and converted it to a signing bonus in a move that cleared $3.33 million in cap space for the year to come.

Jefferson’s salary for 2018 was already fully guaranteed, so the move simply moves up the time he gets his money. He’s signed for two more years with non-guaranteed base salaries of $8 and $7 million.

The NFLPA’s most recent update on the salary cap has the Ravens with just over $8.7 million in space for 2018.

11 responses to “Ravens open cap space by restructuring Tony Jefferson’s contract

  1. can’t wait until this bum is gone. This organization will regret passing on Derwin James

  2. Flacco knows his time is almost up in Baltimore so no way he’s going to restructure. He’s going to take his money then if/when he’s released, he’ll sign an average contract with another team. He’s still starting caliber, just not worth elite QB money.

  3. If the Ravens cut or traded Flacco now, they would lose $4M in cap space. If they cut him with post-June 1 designation or trade him after June 1, they would free up $12M in cap space. If another starting qb suffers a season-ending injury in training camp, the Ravens would be wise to trade Flacco. And here is why Flacco is definitely a goner next offseason. When Flacco is cut next offseason, the Ravens will save $10.5M will pre-June 1 designation and $18.5M with post-June 1 designation.

  4. Ozzie’s legacy…leaving that team with an over-priced, under-performing QB and no room to move and stay under the cap. And they’ll end up in 3rd place in the AFCN, just above the Bengals.

  5. Ozzie’s legacy is just fine. Besides the HOFers and Pro-Bowlers he’s drafted, he’s got all the free agents that other teams were swooned into paying too much for. Even BB up in Old England fell for it. Anyway, Flacco didn’t turn out to be a great QB but he was the reason for winning the team’s second Lombardi. All the other teams paying their QBs elite money aren’t winning either. Only one gets to. We got 5 extra picks in this year’s draft and needed extra cap to put them on the roster. No harm, no foul.

  6. Flacco’s contract is haunting the Ravens. I see Flacco going from somewhat Ravens proclaimed Elite QB to being cut!!! Great job Ozzie. Ravens = Old and Slow- 2nd place in the division once again!

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