Reuben Foster’s upcoming preliminary hearing will shed much light on the case against him


Tuesday’s hearing in the criminal case against 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was a simple one; his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on all charges. The next hearing, coming a week from Thursday, will be much more complicated.

Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports California explains the import of the so-called preliminary hearing, during which the prosecution must introduce enough evidence to justify a finding of probable cause to conclude that a violation occurred. And the question will be whether the alleged victim will attend the preliminary hearing (via subpoena or otherwise), whether she will testify, and if/so what she will say.

It’s a very delicate spot for the alleged victim, who already has recanted the story she originally gave to police. If she testifies under oath, the potential consequences of telling something other than the truth become more dire.

Foster is absent from the 49ers as he awaits resolution of the legal proceeding, and he faces termination by the team if it’s proven that he struck the alleged victim.

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  1. More than likely..the next few months: alleged victim does not testify, exercising 5th amendment rights, prosecution moves forward with witness testimony and any other evidence they have, judge orders move to trial, Foster pleas, probation for the weapons possession in lieu of conviction of dv charge, thus gives Lynch an opportunity to say that Foster will continue to be a part of the team but will have to, “do his part in restoring his image,” NFL moves in with their ‘investigation’, Foster plays all games this season but will be suspended first 6 games in 2019. There, have I covered it? I just don’t want to read about Foster, or any other offenders for that matter.

  2. He’s a violent NFL middle linebacker for goodness sakes !?! That’s not a news flash.

    Perhaps he roughed her up a little bit … she was probably pushing his buttons and went a little too far for Reuben to be able to keep under control.

    His girlfriend knows the truth and hopefully it comes out.

  3. So the ‘victim’ retracts her story, and yet prosecutors still think they have a good enough case even without her. Trouble for Reuben.

  4. I’m amazed at all the non-sense we’re subjected to during pre-draft about how much research goes into these guys and this type of behavior is never uncovered? They are hyped up as high-character, all-academic, ect.. such as Rolando McClain, also out of Alabama

  5. joetoronto says:
    May 9, 2018 at 2:13 pm
    The team of turds still hasn’t cut him, shame on Santa Clara.
    The first team to try to sign him would be the Raiders. When you live in a glass house it is advisable not to throw stones.

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