Adam Gase: DeVante Parker has “more of a purpose” on the field

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The 2017 offseason in Miami featured a lot of people predicting wide receiver DeVante Parker would have his biggest season since being drafted in the first round of the 2015 draft.

Parker set a career high with 57 catches in 13 games, although that was just one more than he had in 2016 and his yards per catch and touchdowns were down from his first two seasons in the league. That didn’t stop the team from picking up the option on his contract for 2019 and it hasn’t stopped them from pushing the idea of a breakout year.

During an appearance on a team podcast, Gase pointed to a high ankle sprain as part of the reason why it didn’t come together for Parker last year and to Parker’s experience as a reason for why it can come together this year.

“This is his fourth season,” Gase said. “Sometimes it takes a second to be like ‘OK I know how to do this. And I’ve been doing it. And I don’t need someone to tell me I need to do this.’ He is doing things on his own. And trying to find ways to get better on the field. I think he has more of a purpose when he comes out on the practice field.”

While Gase believes Parker doesn’t need anyone to tell him how to play receiver, he also said he thinks the presence of Danny Amendola will be a positive as they work together in the months to come. If that doesn’t lead to a leap in productivity, it will be harder to keep selling the idea that one is right around the corner.

5 responses to “Adam Gase: DeVante Parker has “more of a purpose” on the field

  1. Having Cutler as the QB didn’t help his case either, the whole offense went in the tank when Tannehill got hurt. I understand the offense was average before, but it was downright embarrassing when Cutler was there.

  2. If Tannehill goes down again? He had never missed a game in 5 years before the knee injury. Playing behind some really weak o-lines. Brady had the same injury, do we wonder if he’ll go down again? I hate being optimistic, after so many disappointing seasons. But everyone has them sucking an egg, and there’s way too much talent for that.

  3. The odds of an injury like RT had will reoccur in a football player was less then 5% when I did research, yet everyone wants to be doubtful his will hold up. People really need to not express opinions to what they don’t know.

    As a Fins fan, Parker has been a bust. He’s made of glass and gets hurt when the wind blows too hard. It’s time to move on.

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