Bill Belichick throws support behind Matt Patricia

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New England coach Bill Belichick released a statement Thursday. He offered his support to Matt Patricia and said the Patriots were unaware of Patricia’s indictment from 1996 on a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

The case was dismissed in January 1997, because the alleged victim did “not feel she can face the pressures or stress of a trial,” and Patricia professed his innocence in a press conference earlier Thursday.

“The New England Patriots were not aware of the matter which recently came to light,” Belichick said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “For 14 years in our organization, Matt conducted himself with great integrity and is known to be an outstanding coach, person and family man. We have always been confident in Matt’s character and recommended him highly to become the head coach of the Detroit Lions.”

30 responses to “Bill Belichick throws support behind Matt Patricia

  1. Misleading headline. Bill is simply saying Patricia was a model citizen when he was with NE, not that he is skeptical of any of the accusations against him.

  2. Told ya. No way the Pats knew about the indictment, mainly because the charges were dropped.


    Our society is literally becoming dumber by the day. By the DAY.

  3. harryshavik says:
    May 10, 2018 at 3:01 pm
    Mort reports Bill Belichick KNEW of the crime and may have, in fact, BEEN PRESENT. Checking his source(s) for confirmation.



    Michael Silver has just reported on Yahoo, that he really believes everything Goodell says, even though it’s clear Goodell is lying.

  4. So he “acted with integrity” with the Patriots, but in 14 years he never disclosed that he’d be indicted on rape charges? I also find it hard to believe the Pats wouldn’t somehow know about this, whether Matt told them or not. NFL teams (Pats in particular) run very tight ships. Btw…is no one going to mention how odd this is that this 22 year old news is just now reaching the public? Obviously somebody is dishing this dirt for some reason.

  5. The girl was 21 not a minor, as has been reported earlier.

    There is no police report. It’s gone.

    Based on his answers, it sounds like a 2 on 1 consensual sex or an attempt at one. Maybe she said no and they said some bad things and turned over a table. Who knows besides 3 people?

    If she speaks up and has no history of reporting any crimes of this nature (those who cry wolf always leave a pattern) then maybe the truth will come out.

    She’s in a no win situation to speak up. People will judge her, right or wrong. Even if she tells some middle ground story that I mentioned above, she loses. If she says they did things they didn’t do, she’s evil. If she’s telling the truth and those things did happen, she will be forever vilified by some. No point in her going public, it brings her nothing but pain especially if it’s true. If she says nothing, then some will even say “See, she had her chance again, nothing to see here” but at least she will remain anonymous. If her name gets out against her will, then this could get really ugly.

    Until Patricia answers some of those questions he avoided, he will be looked at as guilty by some and innocent by others (because we are innocent until proven guilty but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent or guilty, means it wasn’t proven guilty thus by law, not reality, innocent)

    I’ve seen plenty of those 3 on 1, 2 on 1 situations. Been invited to partake. I always believed girls like that were trouble or had issues, so I’d go the other way, no matter how hammered I was. Girls are not to be shared or taken advantage of, even if they seem to or actually want to. Not by me, anyway.

    Can Patricia admit it was an attempt at a 2 on 1 gone wrong but no crime was committed? Just a drunk girl who changed or mind or was upset when it was over? That they threw a hissy fit and thus the police? Or they had sex and then the shtt hit the fan because she’s bonkers? I doubt he can say any of those things. Best to deny till you die and let those who think you’re guilty, whether you are or not. Just a can of worms.

    Is she just a nutjob and nothing happened at all? That is what I would have said. I would have said I don’t know her, was never in a hotel room and it’s all BS. But he didn’t say that. His answers look worse as the day goes on.

  6. aarons444 says:
    May 10, 2018 at 3:19 pm
    Our society is literally becoming dumber by the day. By the DAY.

    Step 1, stop reading your posts.


    That’s funny, because I am great at detecting baloney and my predictions are usually correct, before I even get confirmed info.

    That means I’m kinda smart, certainly smarter than you, Erin.

    Here’s another prediction: The Pats will play in their 8th straight conference title game this year.

    Have a nice day, cheater!

  7. I like how folks want to drive Patricia from the country based on retracted allegations that two decades ago he did something similar to what Bills fans currently do in the parking lot before every game.

  8. vaphinfan says:
    May 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Oh yeah he’s a credible source.


    Actually, it couldn’t be any more credible. I am sure he regrets vouching for scummy Johnnie Whinebaugh, but he suggested Bisciotti hire Habraugh over Rex Ryan.

    And, I won’t list the amount of times he’s been asked to speak at conventions or schools all over the country.

    He can’t do them all, but he surely does a lot of them, so someone is making the requests at these educational institutions to hear him speak to the students.

    Have a nice day and enjoy your continued rebuilding!


  9. “I was a young and foolish 21 year old college senior”.

    I think most kids have a pretty good grip on acceptable conduct by the age of 10. They might not always follow the rules, but it’s not because they don’t know them.

  10. “We only had 23 reported incidents from female staffers during Matt’s tenure here, we draw the line at 25, so he was fine while here”, Billy B

  11. Was there not a player that served 5 years in prison after FALSELY being accused and convicted of rape and is now finally getting a chance at a career again? Yes.

    People lie and these witch-hunts that go against the presumption of innocence are a disgrace, even more so for something that happened 22 years ago.

  12. Under Mass law it is illegal for an employer to bring up anything the person wasn’t convicted of. Since the charges were dropped he wouldn’t be any the wiser.

  13. tylawspick6 says:
    May 10, 2018 at 3:11 pm
    Told ya. No way the Pats knew about the indictment, mainly because the charges were dropped.



    So the Patriots made the hire without even looking into him? They knew, they didn’t care. You can’t even get a warehouse job without your employer knowing or finding this stuff out.

  14. @Exinsidetrader It was Brian Banks. It’s not now though. The Falcons gave him a tryout a few seasons back but didn’t make the cut. That woman should face the same amount of prison time that Banks received. Her false rape accusations cost that man the chance of a lifetime.

  15. Didn’t this franchise also get duped by a murdering gang member that played TE rather well?

    They knew. Production rules in the NFL.

  16. The man who spies for a living was not aware of Patricia’s past? Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiight. He also didn’t know anything about deflategate. Nothing at all. Suuuuuuuuure.

  17. & The Patriots CONTINUE to gobble up real estate in the minds of weak & dejected…….
    Thank you tinfoil hat wearers, you keep me AMUSED on a regular basis!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  18. Patricia isn’t under any obligation to disclose that to employers.

    Given the public nature of the job, it would have been smart though.

    This statement is tough:

    the alleged victim did “not feel she can face the pressures or stress of a trial,”

    That could be the horrible truth or a straight up lie.

    Nobody will be comfortable with that and given the trial didn’t happen and there was no civil suit either, there is no way to know.

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