Blake Bortles thwarts house party criminal

Getty Images

The name belonging to the Jaguars’ starting quarterback sounds like it comes from a Harry Potter novel. There’s a chance it’s actually the true identity of a crime-fighting superhero.

Blake Bortles, via multiple reports, thwarted a thief at a teammate’s house party on Wednesday night at Jackonsville Beach. The would-be criminal, 18-year-old Joseph Horton, reportedly rummaged through various vehicles belonging to people at the party, including Bortles’ Ford F-150 truck.

Horton took Bortles’ wallet — and would have taken the truck if it hadn’t been blocked in by other cars. So Horton then entered the house, and the invited guests realized that he shouldn’t have been there. So Bortles detained his and called police. Examination of surveillance video then revealed what Horton had been up to.

It’s unclear whether Bortles possesses any superpowers. Chris Simms would say that, if he does, they have nothing to do with throwing a football. Regardless, not all heroes wear two-tone helmets.