Report: Nashville “leading contender” to host 2019 NFL Draft

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When Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk addressed a crowd of about 20,000 that turned out for the team’s uniform unveiling in April, she said that the turnout was a sign Nashville “needs to host” the NFL Draft.

It looks like she’s got a good chance of getting what she wants. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Nashville is the “leading contender” to host next year’s draft.

The decision will be made at league meetings in Atlanta later this month.

The league announced in February that Nashville was one of five finalists to host the draft in either 2019 or 2020. Denver, Las Vegas, Cleveland/Canton and Kansas City are the others in the mix to host one of the next two drafts.

22 responses to “Report: Nashville “leading contender” to host 2019 NFL Draft

  1. After the snooze fest in Jerry’s circus tent, they could take it to Siberia and make it more fun.

  2. 700levelvet says:
    May 10, 2018 at 1:39 pm
    After the snooze fest in Jerry’s circus tent, they could take it to Siberia and make it more fun.


    Man, you must really love the Cowboys….. One of those closet fans….

  3. “When Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk addressed a crowd of about 20,000 that turned out for the team’s uniform unveiling in April”

    Uniform unveiling/free concert featuring a popular, mainstream country music act.

  4. Robert says:
    May 10, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    If they want to get the most diverse fan base audience, this is exactly where they should go. This is coming from a Dolphins Fan in Central Ohio.

  5. Well Nashville knows how to have fun. Would be a good choice. Hop over to the Kentucky Derby and make a week out of it.

  6. Well, according to the NFL (and not some cupcake from philthy), the Draft at Jerry’s World was a smashing success. Nashville would be an awesome choice as well, would love to get some that famous’hot chicken’ from Honky Tonks.

  7. Draft at the Grand ‘Ol Opry! Since Dallas and Jerruh Jones set the bar so LOW, Nashville will have an easy time outdoing the poor showing by Dallas.

  8. I hear Seattle is going to host a fan fest to show how many thousands of football fans will show up for no reason to prove it deserves to ‘host a draft’. It will be held at a random place in the gorge and Pearl Jam might randomly show up….who knows.

  9. Nashville is super fun.

    Do you hate food? Do you hate music? Do you hate drinking & good times? Then you might hate Nashville.

    Nashville is awesome. Cannot wait to go back!

  10. When I lived in Nashville from 1991-2010, we felt like that city was America’s best kept secret. The stereotypical questions I got from my old friends back on the West Coast were things like, “Isn’t Nashville just one big street with home recording studios and some honky tonks?” “Isn’t it like Fresno but with a Southern accent?” Or “isn’t it like Texas with all the cowboy hats and jeans, but without the swagger?”

    Even in the nineties, I was trying to tell my friends that the only place I’d seen resembling Nashville was the city of Austin. They couldn’t believe the comparison. “No way is Nashville that cool.” OK. … Here we are not quite a decade since I’ve left and now the whole world seems to know about Nashville.

  11. Buck Houston & The Good Ol Boys working on a song for the event… “Undrafted”

    “Muh best friend was hugged by Roger on the very first day, muh baby went to hug him too
    Now it’s Sunday and ah ain’t seen her since, sittin’ up here waitin’ to be DRAFTED…”

  12. Funny comments. The one about the Derby and the Draft, those events are three hours away and a month a part. Nashville will do a great job hosting the event. Yes, FL/GA Line played at the uniform party, which helped. And yes, the Titans play here too.

  13. Nashville is a great choice for any event. All the good stuff is condensed to 2nd Ave & Broadway, including Bridgestone Arena. That’s where the draft should be. Although Nissan Stadium is just over the river. But imagine shutting down Broadway to have the draft outside, would be awesome.

  14. Nashville is a great city, like “Tennessee Oilers” I left in 2010 as well. I hate that it’s turned into what Austin turned into. So many people are moving there that the infrastructure, jobs, and housing is way behind and common average people have been priced out while historic houses and building are being demolished for “skinny” houses and modern high-rises. I suppose that’s what happens when liberals take over your town.

    Regardless, it’s a party town and the NFL Draft there will be super successful!

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