Anthony Lynn earns his degree, will walk at UNLV’s graduation

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Twenty-five years after Anthony Lynn left college, the Chargers head coach has earned his degree. He will walk at UNLV’s graduation Saturday, receiving his bachelor’s degree after leaving Texas Tech six hours short to sign as an undrafted free agent with the Broncos.

“Football’s always been my number one priority, and sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad,” Lynn said, via Ricky Henne of the team website. “I chose football over my education then. I did that a few years later when I had the chance to go back. I chose football over education. This time, I thought no more excuses. I need to go back and get it done. I started investigating it in 2014, [and] I didn’t do it in 2015 because I was applying to be a head coach. I didn’t want to do both. In 2016, the same thing. In 2017, I said it’s now or never . . . and then I became a head coach.”

Lynn, the first member of his family to attend college, spent the past year finishing his degree. Most of his work was done online, though he did travel to Las Vegas in recent months to meet with his professors.

Mission accomplished.

“It was 2014 and I was with the Jets, and Dave Szott, a really good friend of mine, talked about how he went back 15 years later and how he finished,” Lynn said. “His wife was with him, and I remember she looked at me and she said, ‘Coach, you should do the same. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do that. No excuses.’ That kind of gave me a little push and inspired me to go back.”

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  1. 6 hours? That’s 2 Directed Studies. Professors HAVE to give you a good grade no matter what you turn in, as it keeps their ‘class load’ up. The easiest grade in college any DS. I basically majored in it.

    PS: For you youngsters: When you get a class, find out what your Professors Dissertation was (His PHD) and learn it. He/She will ALWAYS bombard you with questions on midterms and finals with what his near and dear to his/her heart.

    College was so easy. Real life, more rewarding but way harder…

  2. Way to go Coach…and, CONGRATULATIONS. It’s a big deal and yeah, it matters.If you inspire only one of your players to do likewise, you will have accomplished something that REALLY matters.

  3. I’m no celebrity, but I finished my degree some 20 years after stopping my education to go to work. I have some idea of what it takes to go back to school after such a long break. Kudos to Coach Lynn. It requires some courage and persistence to pursue your degree as an adult. Been there, done that, and I have respect for Anthony Lynn’s accomplishment.

  4. I don’t think it’s mandatory for an NFL coach ( head or assistant) to have a Bachelor degree. It is mandatory for college coaches though.
    At least he has that qualification under his belt if the NFL gig doesn’t work out. Anyway Coach, congrats on the achievement!

  5. Great job coach. It’s a great feeling. But being 6 hours short in a degree program that’s likely over 120 hours at the end of the day how much did not having those 6 credit hours really impact him strictly from a knowledge point of view. He had already learned 99% of what that program had to offer and likely picked up life and leadership skills through his work in football that more than made up for the remaining 6 credits. In any case. Congrats coach.

  6. Going back to school after 20 years is tough. And doing it at night (like I did) can be murder on your family life.

    Congrats Coach, that was a major personal accomplishment.

    Enjoy the walk!

  7. This is great but as a society we need to stop valuing this so much. Coach Lynn just showed you can achieve without that piece of paper. I work in software and I have co-workers who do as well as I and they started coding after High School. Not saying if you want to be a doctor you should just start slicing people up but College shouldn’t be considered such a necessity. In most cases it is just a cover charge for a big party. You learn most of what you do on the job and a lot of professions don’t need a college degree.

    I went to a prestigious private school. I do great salary wise but so does the guy in the next office who never went to college and didn’t have to pay back $30K in loans (expensive cover charge to party with rich kids). I guess I was the smart won right?

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