Ben Roethlisberger texts “Good luck” to Mason Rudolph

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Our long national nightmare is over. Ben Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph have spoken.

Sort of.

The Steelers rookie quarterback said after his first minicamp practice that he got a nice text message from the incumbent quarterback who didn’t seem immediately inclined to communicate.

“He reached out [Thursday] and said, ‘Hey, good luck in rookie minicamp.‘ I was really appreciative of that,” Rudolph said, via Jeremy Fowler of “I just said, ‘Hey, thanks, look forward to meeting you.’ Wasn’t a whole lot [of dialogue], but it meant a lot that he reached out.”

Roethlisberger may or may not have had a tone when his first post-draft comments about the Steelers using a third-round pick on a possible heir.

But at some point, these two have to work together, and Roethlisberger’s initial mentor Tommy Maddox predicted that it would go respectfully. For his part, Rudolph tried to take some of the air out of the balloon.

“I think the media got it kind of twisted around a little bit. He’s a competitor,” Rudolph said. “He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback. He’s a competitive guy. That’s what I would expect. He’s a longtime starter. I’m sure when we get in this building, in this room, we’re going to be friends, and I’m going to let him do his thing and pick up what I can from him but not bother him.”

Spoken like a good rookie. 🙂

34 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger texts “Good luck” to Mason Rudolph

  1. Ben is a loser. No wonder Bradshaw doesn’t like this guy. A real tool

  2. I think Ben is legit concerned about his job. Rudolph is the first rookie QB that actually has a chance of becoming a starter one day since Ben has been the QB at Pittsburgh. To make matters worse Ben’s last game was a playoff loss against Blake Bortles and the Jaguars. Ben is not in a good place right now.

  3. Even after all these years, Ben is still a selfish jerk at heart. He was that way at Miami U and his first few years in Pittsburgh. He’s been hiding it recently, but make no mistake. He’s a jerk.

  4. The Chum trolls are out in force. One dares mention class…rich very rich.

    Ben did the right thing and will continue to do the right thing as the realization that his time is coming to an end.

  5. Little Ben reads the gossip columns…. His agent told him to do this…. This was a preconceived shot, as if he’s mature and not a little whiny jerk.

  6. After the Browns beat then week 1, all Pittsburgh fans will be chanting “Rudolph!”.

  7. What does he expect the team to do when he’s talking about retiring every 2 seconds.That’s just being an @$$. Karma sucks Ben better hope he doesn’t get Bledsoe’d

  8. People misunderstood Ben’s original point. It was never anything personal. And there is some validity in what he originally stated, why load up on QB’s if that is not the most pressing need ‘now’. I think he would have said the same kind of thing if the Steelers had loaded up on long snappers or kickers or some other less prominent position

  9. terripet says:
    May 11, 2018 at 3:55 pm
    Ben you will be out of Pittsburgh next year


    And the Colts will still be paying Andrew Luck to rehab his shoulder….

  10. It’s still Ben’s job until he retires. Rudolph will have to be on the bench until that happens.

  11. terripet says:
    May 11, 2018 at 3:55 pm
    Ben you will be out of Pittsburgh next year


    And the Colts will still be paying Andrew Luck to rehab his shoulder….

    And you’ll still posting daily on Steeler threads in between stuffing your face with Doritos. Ben maybe a bit of a drama queen…but a very rich one. You on the other hand are just a poor couch potato.

  12. The Pittsburghy dough boy strikes again, please Ben do us all a favor and stay quiet for once, you are one of the most if not the most unlikeable players in all of professional sports.

  13. Hey Mason, the Steelers haven’t had a likable qb since Johnny Unitus and they traded him. Maybe Bobby Lane.
    Just don’t ask Ben any advise about women. Oh wait, wait! Did you say Terry Bradshaw? He didn’t even attend Chuck Bill’s funeral and he was in the city at the same time as the wake. Real class guy that Bradshaw!

  14. Ben hasn’t won squat in 6 years now – long overdue to be shown the door.

  15. in the original set of comments the kid said all the right things.

    then ben reworked those words to make them different than the kid said them and tried to make the kid look full of himself.

    then ben got blasted for acting like a high school girl(as usual).

    then ben’s p.r. people tell him its a bad look, and he sent this text.

    but he’s still a high school girl…

  16. Rudolph trying to be nice to a nasty person. This is going to be fun to watch.

  17. All it takes is for Ben to say ‘Good luck’ to the rookie QB
    to agitate the rabid Ben haters to swarm and mindlessly attack.

    So very predictable… and so very sad.

  18. Ben smiles all the way to the bank and will still be smiling at his induction ceremony in Canton, OH in a few years. Sorry haters and losers but that’s just the way it is when you’re good and have too many division championships to count, a couple of conference championships, and a couple of SB rings to top it all off. Obviously one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. And I’m sure that he feels really bad about all the negative comments posted here……ha! Here we go Steelers!!! Now, if we only had a HC.

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