Steve Wilks: The kind of person Josh Rosen is allowed him to be QB he is

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Josh Rosen entered the huddle Friday for the first time as a professional football player.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?” Rosen told his teammates, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

It wasn’t exactly Joe Montana’s John Candy moment. In fact, the Cardinals’ new quarterback was a little “jittery” as he started his first practice, according to coach Steve Wilks. But Rosen settled in and completed a 65-yarder to Christian Kirk later in practice.

“He’s not going to throw it a million miles an hour at you,” Kirk said. “You have to know when to put a touch on it, and he’s good at that.”

The Cardinals are going to let Rosen be Rosen, insisting they won’t muzzle him. The former UCLA star’s outspokenness didn’t sit well with everybody, but Arizona believes it got its franchise quarterback with the 10th overall pick.

“I don’t want to try to control him because the kind of person he is has allowed him to be the player he is,” Wilks said. “I like his leadership. As I told you from Day 1, he’s wired a little different, and I like that.”

10 responses to “Steve Wilks: The kind of person Josh Rosen is allowed him to be QB he is

  1. Let’s be honest. If coaches had it their way, everyone would be wired the same. It’s called a robot. Plug and play. Next robot up. Makes coaching easier.

    Everyone who ever played a down, stole a base or hit a free throw knows the deal.

  2. Rosen is going to quickly become one of the leagues top QB’s , dude can flatout play. I have a feeling they are going to start him from week 1 so long as he’s ready, with WIlks leaving the door open for him to win the job and start.

  3. Rose Bust. What did you really think you were getting? Jay Cutler’s long lost son. You guys did the Dolphins a Yuge favor. Minkah Fitz = multiple pro bowls. Josh Rosen = multiple snot nose.😂👃

  4. The NFL’s new “most punchable face” belongs to Reuben Foster for obvious reasons.

  5. If you’re gonna crown him, then crown him, Cardinals fans! This guy might have all the physical talent in the world (so did Leaf), but when that 30th ranked offensive line lets pass rushers tee-off on this kid, you’ll see what he’s made of: Charmin.

  6. kamthechancellor – yeah that fierce Seahawks pass rush is just waiting to tee-off on hi……wait, scratch that. Well at least their lock down secondary will leave fewer places to thr…..oh right, nevermind that too.

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