Ameer Abdullah frustrated with light workload in Lions’ offense

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Lions running back Ameer Abdullah wants the ball more. He’s probably not going to get it.

Abdullah, who had 165 carries for 552 yards last season, said on Michael Rapaport’s podcast that he got down last year because he often went long stretches of games without getting the ball.

It’s frustrating, especially coming from Nebraska where I was the guy, I knew I was going to get the ball at least 20 times a game,” Abdullah said, via “For me, it’s not necessarily getting a certain number of touches. It’s getting meaningful touches and getting into a rhythm. That’s where it gets kind of frustrating.”

The Lions have a new head coach in Matt Patricia but the same offensive coordinator in Jim Bob Cooter, so there’s little reason to think Abdullah’s frustrations are going to change.

In fact, the real question is whether the Lions will even keep Abdullah around this year. Detroit drafted running back Kerryon Johnson in the second round and signed LeGarrette Blount in free agency, and Abdullah is going to have to compete for a roster spot. His 165 carries last year may be 165 more carries than he gets in Detroit this year.

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  1. Having Stafford isn’t going to allow you that many carries a game not to mention your paltry 3.3 yards per carry last year isn’t screaming ‘give me the ball more’ to the coaches.

    Sorry Ameer, this ISNT Nebraska anymore

  2. A new OL coach and scheme, with hopefully healthy players, means that the number of touches afforded and to whom is a big question mark. I hope AA is out, either traded or cut outright. Too bad, he had some promise. How many opportunities can you give an oft injured RB with fumblitus?

  3. Abdullah, We didn’t bring in 2 new running backs because we think your “the guy”… You’re better at running your mouth than running the ball!!

  4. frustrated and down…. .yeah that’s how we feel watching your run your two plays for the entirety of your career. off-tackle for a 1.2 yard gain and off-tackle for a season-long nagging injury.

  5. Um, hello! You got the ball last year, not 20 touches a game like in your college days but when you did get the ball last year you didn’t so anything with it!

    I was optimistic when they drafted him a few years ago. Now…thanks for playing, good luck with your next team.

  6. Matt Patricia and Jim Bob Cooter, is that the line up of coaches in DET, or a line up in DET?

  7. Stafford’s fumbling buddy will be gone soon. Now if Stafford could just stop turning the ball over maybe the Lions could win their second playoff game in 1000 years!!! Probably not with this head coach mess that has recently developed though, I almost feel bad for the Lions…..well the organization, not the delusional fan on here that pretends to be 40 different names and make it look like the Lions actually have a legitimate fan base.

  8. Perhaps he will be used more in the third down role together with Riddick. With better oline play I wouldn’t rule out anyone of the RBs getting a good amount of carries. It might even be a game to game thing where a different RB is the prime mover each game.

    It felt like AA didn’t completely return from his injury last year. Perhaps with one extra season to heal, he will get going again.

  9. To be fair to Abdullah, Nebraska had a decent offensive line. So they could call running plays and expect to move the ball, with the Lions, not so much.

  10. 20 times per game? do you want to win a sb or what? what a moron

    no legit team has a bellcow back anymore and if they do, they are overpaying at the position

  11. The Lions have had the worst rushing attack for years, not to mention a perennially awful o-line. It’s not his fault, blame the management that hires guys like Matty “Foles who?” P

  12. The offensive playcalling has been god awful for the last few years. LeVeon Bell would struggle in that scheme too. It’s a mystery as to how Jim Bob survived the cuts, but they let Teryl Austin go. Hopefully they turn things around with the new coach.

  13. He should focus more on his light production in the Lion’s offense and maybe his role would be more palatable.

  14. Former Lions fan here. It always amazes me how fans are always ready to talk crap about players. They even hate on Calvin Johnson. Team has been and continues to be garbage. I’m laughing at the Patricia situation also. Management and fans are getting what they deserve, while they continue to blindly support this garbage franchise. Enjoy 4 wins this year.

  15. With the Lions improved O-line, the running game should be better. However, they’ll never be a running team with Jim-Bob and Stafford. In the end, Abdullah should be frustrated as his college game hasn’t translated to pro success.

  16. In the right scheme he could be alright. But he’s not a 20 carry per game guy. Watching lions running game last couple years has been super painful. No RB outside of Barry Sanders could have had success—-they were all getting hit in the backfield more often than not. Hopefully they can figure out some semblance of a running game before Stafford a career is over

  17. He’s a good back, but he’s not a pounder. That’s what hurts him-that, and the fact that they already have Theo Riddick, who is an excellent receiver and moves like a scatback out of the backfield anyway. Abdullah might be cut, but he’s a perfect fit for teams like NE, NO, ATL, CAR, or PHIL who all like to use receiving backs out of the backfield.

  18. Not looking good for the overrated defensive coordinator that almost got lucky to have Quinn desperately bring this scumbag. Patricia had excellent scouting and top tier management in New England. He went from the elite to novice of football teams. Now he finds himself with a horrible skeleton revealed from his closet and coaching the Browns of the NFC. Good luck with that.

    Abdullah was and still is a great RB, the team that drafted him is clearly the problem, the Lions are complete and utter trash.

  19. “Ameer” three yards a carry.

    Lions still didn’t get their guy in Kerryon.

    Blount will be the fantasy back to own this year.

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