Vance Joseph: Paxton Lynch can relax, learn from Case Keenum

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The Broncos picked quarterback Paxton Lynch in the first round of the 2016 draft and gave him a chance to win the starting quarterback job the last two years.

Lynch didn’t win the job either time and the Broncos signed Case Keenum as a free agent this offseason to end thoughts of another quarterback competition. For some, the move also ended thoughts that Lynch would be the starter in Denver at any point in the future but the team’s insisted that isn’t the case over the last couple of months.

On Saturday, coach Vance Joseph stayed on that theme and spun the lack of a chance at the starting job as a positive for Lynch.

“I think for Paxton and our football team it’s been a weight off all of our backs to have a starting quarterback and have everyone’s role defined from Day 1,” Joseph said. “So for Paxton, he can relax and get better each day and not worry about a competition. I think for Paxton being around Case also — I mean, Case has been through some ups and downs in his career, so he can learn from Case on how to handle those things. It takes time to be an NFL quarterback. You would hope with Case being here, he can sit back and relax and get better as a quarterback and not worry about being the guy right now and just compete to be our backup.”

There’s definitely something to learn from Keenum’s experience since entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent, but relaxing wouldn’t be part of the lesson given how little reason teams had to keep him around before he broke out last season. Being a first-round pick gives Lynch a different status even as his career trajectory has him moving in the wrong direction heading into his third year in Denver.

52 responses to “Vance Joseph: Paxton Lynch can relax, learn from Case Keenum

  1. When a team is OK with thier former first round draft pick competing to be the backup you know it’s now just a matter of a stubborn G.M. who refuses to admit he was wrong.

  2. Lynch couldn’t win the starting job behind Sieman but now he will thrive behind Keenum *** Eye Roll ***.

    Do these coaches actually believe the BS they speak or do they think we are that stupid to believe them?

  3. lmao

    love me some elway and poor decision making. what is the over/under on how many years he has left, when factoring mouthbreathing rocky mountain honerism?

    7 years?

  4. The Broncos really didn’t give Lynch much of a chance to win the starting job, as in put him in there and let him play for an extended period, take his lumps, and gain experience.
    Right now, it seems like they may favor Chad Kelly over Lynch in their scheme of things?
    Lynch appears to be in danger of being labeled Brock Osweiler 2.0, if he hasn’t been already?

  5. Don’t worry, Pax. Just sit back, relax, and watch Swag Kelly, take your job.

  6. Super bowl champion eagles fan here keenum learned a very valuable lesson last year, dont mess with the super bowl D

  7. As a Bengals fan, I was so happy when we didn’t promote this guy to HC. It’s really saying something when I’d rather keep Marvin Lewis.

  8. Relax because he is going to be third string and probably not even dressing on game days. Chad Kelly is going to light it up.

  9. Pax is on the roster for one last year as a backup. He’s cheap on the cap. Very doubtful he has any meaningful role with the Broncos except for maybe a future round 7th trade pick.

  10. I wouldn’t relax if I was in danger of losing my spot on the depth chart.

  11. If nothing else Lynch will learn to work hard – no one spent more time working and studying at the Vikes facility last year than Keenum.

  12. Elway is hoping for Jared Goff turnaround with Paxton Lynch. The problem is they don’t have Sean McVay on the staff and Paxton Lynch is a very long time development project. In other words Lynch is a bust.

  13. i’d be curious to know how many times in the last 18 years belichick ever told a single one of his players to “relax”. i’m guessing zero.

  14. You guys will love Keenum, he reminded me of a young Elway just dont get him killed behind that o-line.

  15. harryshavik says:
    May 13, 2018 at 11:11 am
    Trying to recall the number of times Bill Belichick has ever said a player can “Just sit back and relax”…
    () () () () () ()
    Looks like he told the entire defense to just sit back and relax while Nick Foles shredded his way to a superbowl MVP.

  16. Sounds like Vance Joseph is taking a page from the Clayton Williams playbook.

  17. If I was Case I would not show this dude ANYTHING, not give him a measely rep with the 1s in camp, no nothing. He is a terrible QB and a bust, Casr is trying to earn a long term job in the NFL after getting about zero respect for years.

  18. case’s development under jeff fisher was really the key to all his success.

    that’s just an undisputable fact.

  19. .
    I guess I missed something.
    according to this years draft, if u draft a QB in the first round he is the franchise QB
    so why is keenum there?
    so confusing. SARCASM.

  20. One valuable lesson he can learn from Case is that the Vikings have no class or loyalty. Carry them to the NFCCG and watch the defense blow the game, then watch the team address the problem by giving a historic contract to an unproven FA QB and send you packing.

  21. I’m betting that Chad Kelly beats Lynch out.Lynch has to also win the locker room which he lost last year..

  22. Does anyone, anywhere think Vance Joseph knows anything about QBs? The guy was a failed DC in Miami, handed the keys in Denver and has looked completely over his head since day 1.

  23. aj66shanghai says:

    May 13, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    One valuable lesson he can learn from Case is that the Vikings have no class or loyalty. Carry them to the NFCCG and watch the defense blow the game, then watch the team address the problem by giving a historic contract to an unproven FA QB and send you packing.


    You really don’t know football do you? Case did not “Carry the Vikings” to the NFC Championship game. He played well, yes, but he did well mainly because of a pretty solid overally roster. The Vikings have had a top defense the last 3 years. They have great playmakers in Adam Theilan and Diggs. Good running game, and a good TE. If you actually watched all the Vikings games last year which I bet you didn’t, many of cases throws would “float” and luckily Diggs or Adam would bail him out by winning the jump ball. All year we saw ugly throws that somehow worked. That kind of fortune is not sustainable. Not only that, the Vikings defense despite the Eagles game played lights out all year. They were the best 3rd down defense in NFL history. You can look that stat up. Case didn’t have to score a ton in every game. Case Keenum played good last year…only. All his other years his stats and plays are abysmal. Cousin’s is a more proven commodity. He is top 5 in almost every passing category. He only has a losing record because of having a bottom defense, no name receivers, and no running game. It’s a team sport. The Vikings roster is solid that average QB’s have come in the past couple of years and have had career years. If Kirk Cousin’s and doesn’t do better with this more solid roster, than I will admit you are right. But where he is in his career is comparable to Drew Brees when he left the chargers and went to the Saints. He put up in sane numbers, but had a losing record for the Chargers. He did better on a new better team. Kirk could to.

  24. Elway was smart to sign Manning. Not because of Mannings ability, but because Elway knew the NFL wanted to gift wrap another SB for Manning before he retired.

  25. Of all the failed trades, I’m SO GLAD the Cowboys couldn’t work out a trade with Seattle in the Draft to move back into the first to pick Paxton Lynch. As the new Amazon Prime Series ‘All or Nothing’ shows, they tried. BUT had specific plans to take Dak otherwise. This was a blessing in disguise.
    The comments by Mr. Joseph show Paxton is a long ways from being a starter- and may confirm he may never be starting material. This fits up there next to skipping out on Johnny Manziel for (what would become) All Pro RG Zack Martin. So much winning!

  26. Jared Goff was terrible his first year and all the Trolls were shouting bust. The Rams kept him in because they weren’t in the hunt and had limited other options, so Goff had a chance to gain experience and prove himself. Due to a top notch defense the Broncos still had playoff hopes and went with who they thought gave them the best chance (Siemian, who was doomed by a poor offensive line..) Lynch never really had the chance to consistently play until last years Raiders game which unfortunately he went out with the hamstring injury. Not a huge Lynch fan myself (I think they should have snatched Prescott) I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Lynch and it’s too early to call him a bust.

  27. Super bowl champion eagles fan here keenum learned a very valuable lesson last year, dont mess with the super bowl D


    The Eagles defense is overrated. They were an offensive juggernant last year. THe Vikings Defense is what lost the game for them. They couldn’t stop anything.

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