Cowboys give rookie a homework assignment: Study Chris Doleman

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Cowboys rookie defensive end Dorance Armstrong was born in 1997. Hall of Fame defensive end Chris Doleman’s NFL career ended in 1999. So Armstrong can be forgiven if he doesn’t know much about Doleman.

But Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli told Armstrong to find out.

Armstrong said at rookie minicamp that Marinelli had given him a homework assignment of finding out everything he could about Doleman, because that’s the kind of player Marinelli wants Armstrong to strive to be.

“He was a real good dude, a monster off the edge,” Armstrong said he found out about Doleman, via the Dallas Morning News. “He played real physical at all times. I feel like I can get into that and be like him.”

Doleman was the fourth overall pick in the 1985 draft and played for the Vikings, Falcons and 49ers for 15 seasons. He was an eight-time Pro Bowler and a member of the 1990s All-Decade Team. Marinelli is paying Armstrong a compliment by telling him he can be a player like Doleman some day.

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  1. Another guy who took too long to get in the HOF. All decade team should make it almost automatic.

    Yet Jerry Jones gets in for what? Making the Nfl money? Yet Don Coryell has done more for football at all levels (from the Armed Forces, to Canada to HS, to small college to the NFL) than Jerry will ever.

    Too bad Coryell never inherited a team that would have won 3 SB’s with or without him.

  2. What happened to getting players to be the best version of themselves? Sounds like lazy coaching.

  3. I am going to miss Marinelli when he retires 🙁 He is the only “coach” we currently have!! Patty-Cake Garrett and Linehan haven’t a clue!! Almost 9 years of Garrett’s “process” is a joke. Maybe, JJ will wake up….smh…The only hope we have is that the new assistant coaches, will hide the flaws! 70 % of fans want JG gone!!! If we do not make the POs this season, the fans will revolt! JJ is very cognizant of the fans, and I feel he and hopefully Linehan, will be shown the door 🙂

  4. Maybe not expectations but gave him a goal and in doing that saying that hard work pays off!

  5. Doleman was solid but if you’re going to pick a DE to emulate, Bruuuuuuuce Smith.

  6. @stucats

    He’s gonna have to play like Chris Doleman with all the three and outs orchestrated by the stiff Prescott

  7. Let’s recall that Chris Doleman wasn’t even “Chris Doleman” when he first came in. He came into the league as a linebacker and was okay, but not great in that role. A switch from 3-4 to 4-3 allowed him to move to DE, and then he really shined from there.

  8. brendafortheboyz says:
    May 14, 2018 at 8:29 am

    I am going to miss Marinelli when he retires 😦 He is the only “coach” we currently have!! Patty-Cake Garrett and Linehan haven’t a clue!! Almost 9 years of Garrett’s “process” is a joke.
    Brenda, you can’t be faulted for your frustration, but don’t forget 2015 was a bust year after Romo got hurt and then the very next year – Garrett took them to the NFC Divisional without Romo again. A record of 17-15 over two seasons without your Pro Bowl starting QB and arguably best offensive player. If McCarthy pulled that off in two seasons without Aaron Rodgers he’d be labeled one of the best coaches in the league. Expectations are just higher in Dallas.

  9. It would behoove all teams to study the Vikings, they really are a World Class Organization. Doleman resisted switching from LB to DE until he figured out DE can make a lot more money if successful.

  10. True story, Chris Doleman used to show up to the facility with a briefcase, filled with information about the opposing offensive lineman. He was a student of the game and was on a DL that at one time had John Randle as a backup to Henry Thomas.

  11. Forum topic: is there a team that has developed more all-time greats at one position group than the Vikings and DL?

    Steelers and LBers?
    I’ll give a nod to packers and QBs, since that is one position and not four.
    Bears and LBers?

    Who is in the running for this one?

  12. Hmmm…. not bad, but if you want to go to the extent of calling Eric Williams, Stepnoski, Flozell Adams, and others of that caliber all time greats, you would also need to allow Keith Millard, Henry Thomas, and others into the Vikings DL group. Not sure you’ll win that one. Especially when your top end pits Wright, Neely, Newton and Allen against Marshall, Eller, Page, Doleman, Randle, and Kevin Willams.

  13. I am thinking that the coach may have seen some of Doleman’s traits, in this young man. He told this player, to study Doleman, in an attempt to develop those traits. That said, there are literally hundreds of current and former DL that any new player, to that position, could study, to learn a thing or two.

  14. Vikings: Regular season Tarzans. Post-season Janes.

    The only ring Doleman ever got is the one in his bathtub.

  15. If Chris Doleman was as dominant as Reggie White, he might have gotten a Superbowl Ring. But in the end, Chris Doleman has something in common with all the Vikings, they never won on the biggest stage.

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