FOX confirms Joe Buck, Troy Aikman will call Thursday Night Football

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NFL fans will get a double dose of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman this season.

FOX confirmed today that Buck and Aikman, who were already the top Sunday afternoon duo for the network, will also call the new Thursday night package.

That will be a lot of work for the two, who may get some Sundays off. Buck will likely need some NFL games off in the fall when he calls the baseball playoffs for FOX. It is not known yet who will team with Aikman while Buck is focusing on baseball.

In the past the NFL required its Thursday night partners, CBS and NBC, to use the top Sunday team on Thursdays. But this year the league made no such requirement, and FOX first tried to get Peyton Manning to call the games before deciding to go with Buck and Aikman when Manning said no. In the end, FOX decided to go the same route and give Thursday nights to its top Sunday team.

81 responses to “FOX confirms Joe Buck, Troy Aikman will call Thursday Night Football

  1. Well if you needed another reason to not watch Thursday night football here it is.

  2. As if we need another reason not to watch Thursday night football. Who says these two should be the top announcers? Buck is boring and looks like he’s made of plastic and Aikman is becoming the new Madden except more senile at a younger age.

  3. We were all waiting on the edge of our seats for this announcement, FOX. Really looking forward to hearing what Buck/Aikman have to say about Bengals/Cardinals in week 9.

  4. akadoyle confirms that he will not watch more than one Thursday Night Football game this year. I cannot take those two.

  5. Thanks for NOTHING Fox Sports !! Joe Buck , aka the reason God invented the MUTE BUTTON !!!

  6. Aikman looks like a chipmunk with a mouth full of acorns in that picture… Guess he got a raise.

  7. The only thing worse than Joe Buck is his attempt to grow what most of us would call a beard. TNF blows, with or without these two clowns.

  8. Well, it’s a good thing I will be at the Linc that first Thursday night as the Eagles unfurl the SB Champion banner!!!

  9. Ok so they found the announcers for Thursday night, any word on who’s watching yet?

  10. It’s getting easier to just count the number of games not called by ex-Cowboys.

  11. This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles thinks Aikman is a surprisingly insightful and balanced color commentator.
    Joe Buck is borderline unlistenable.

  12. Instead of the Buck/Aikman duo every week, plus nine 4:25 games during the season, why not limit their exposure to just the prime Thursday games? Put them on the high quality games (i.e. Falcons-Eagles, Vikings-Rams, Panthers-Steelers etc), and utilize some of the other broadcasting teams for the other games. This would save America a little from Buck-Aikman fatigue while showcasing some of the other broadcasters to a wider audience that they generally don’t get to perform to. Do we really need Buck and Aikman on the call of Jets-Browns, Ravens-Bengals, or Dolphins-Texans?

  13. I never understood, why all the hate for Joe Buck? People act like he’s the worst announcer in the sport. I like him, personally, and i get everyone has different tastes. But, c’mon, guys like Phil Simms or any Gumbel??? WAY worse.

  14. People hate Buck, but Tony Romo gets love. Romo is a nice guy, but a terrible announcer. Half of what comes out of Romo’s mouth is uncertainty. “mmmmmm. . . ” “eeeeeeeeehhhhh . . .”

  15. Great. Now there will be two games a week that I’ll have to watch with the sound turned off…

  16. I won’t watch another Thursday night game going forward unless my team is playing. In that case, I will just mute the TV like I currently do when they are announcing the game.

  17. flyphillyfly34 says:
    May 14, 2018 at 1:45 pm
    seanskol says:
    May 14, 2018 at 1:31 pm
    There’s nobody worse that Joe Buck


    Chris Collinsworth

    Phil Simms

  18. Joe buck is awful!!!!!!!!!
    Aikman isn’t much better!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a terrible decision by Fox!!!!!!!!

  19. Once again, the NFL refuses to listen to the players,who hate playing on Thursday night, and the fans, who cannot stand Buck and Aikman, for the most part. No wonder the ratings are down. Thank God for the mute button, at least.

  20. NFL is secretly planning to be rid of Thursday games… by annoying viewers with crappy announcers that NOBODY seems to like. Bold strategy Cotton.

  21. NFL fans announce they will no longer be watching Thursday night games even with legal betting!

  22. Here is the sum total of my wife’s knowledge of the game of Football:

    The Offense tries to score touchdowns.

    The Defense tries to get fumbles/interceptions.

    Joe Buck sucks.

    This is one TV that will NOT be watching.

  23. I don’t get Fox’s infatuation with Joe Buck. He’s monotone and awful.

    They’d be better off hiring Sergio Dip and the homeless guy who told the Browns to draft Manziel to call TNF games.

  24. Wow! and I thought they were worried about Thursday night ratings. With Aikmans funeral home like charm and Joe Bucks idiotic remarks how can you go wrong.

  25. FOX already has Skip & Shannon under contract. Which would be way better than these two knuckleheads.

  26. The funny thing about Joe Buck is he prefers to call baseball games. If you listen to his baseball commentary, he is more engaging and has way more knowledge on the current and past players as opposed to being semi-knowledgeable about football in general. I say just put him in the broadcast booth for baseball and get someone else to call games with Aikman.

  27. A lot of hate for Joe Buck on this thread. I would love to hear half the morons who post on this board attempt to do better.

  28. I DVR games.
    I fast advance (skip 30 seconds) between plays so I don’t hear any talking.
    This works for most QBs but for fast ones like Tom Brady I have to use the Rewind 10 second button (thank goodness there are 2 on my DVR remote).

    Joe Buck, Joe Schmuck, it doesn’t matter to me, I skip them all.

    I do like listening to Tony Romo though.

  29. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to find good NFL announcers. Buck/Aikman are the only decent team on Fox, and each network has 1-2 teams that aren’t instantly grating. I think it’s a pretty difficult job but it seems like networks are not willing to experiment at all. They have their set teams and maybe get 3-5 new guys each year.

  30. As if TNF wasn’t already bad enough… Maybe the NFL is trying to kill it off.

  31. Miss the good ole days of John Madden & Pat Summerall. This current fox crew stink

  32. I despise aikman he is anti super bowl champion eagles and does not hide it

  33. Who is asking for this? I think Greg Gumble and Bryant Gumble would be a heck of a pair on Sundays then Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber on Thursdays. I’d rotate in Al Michaels and Dennis Miller here and there. Maybe Pam Ward doing a solo half-time show. When the NFL is losing fans left and right bringing in dynamic broadcasters can really help.

  34. nhpats says:
    May 14, 2018 at 3:39 pm
    A lot of hate for Joe Buck on this thread. I would love to hear half the morons who post on this board attempt to do better


    I for one don’t hate Joe Buck, but I don’t like listening to him either. If he talked about 60% of what he usually does (and 50% during baseball games), he’d be a lot easier to listen to. He will not allow a second to go by without someone talking, so he constantly fills the void. Sometimes the void is better.

    He is the opposite of Gruden as far as emotion, but the same as far as he just talks too much.

  35. I try to avoid the national Fox game purely because listening to these two is worse than getting a colonoscopy. Now I’ll avoid the Thursday game as well. When my team plays, I’ll just synch up the radio broadcast.

  36. Time to clone Madden and Summerall. Not only were they great, they would roast the moronic antics of overpaid children.

  37. How Joe Buck still have a job is beyond me.

    How Joe Buck is able to announce in more than one sport is beyond me.

    Joe Buck is terrible….simply terrible.

  38. Ouch, I like Aikman enough but bad games and Buck Jr X2…at least the NLB playoffs will pull him out the booth. Buck is an immediate run don’t walk to the mute commentator

  39. Aikman is the worst…I can’t stand listening to him. Good thing he’s on Thursday…the games no one watches.

  40. nhpats (doesn’t surprise me that he is the imbelice on this thread)

    Are you watching Buck’s games? He is awful and completely hated by the majority of America. That should tell you something. Especially since he is a non-controversial figure.
    He is pretty awful with MLB too but at least his holiness plays better there.

  41. If Joe Buck retires at the same age John Madden retired, he’ll be calling the NFL and World Series until the year 2044. Sorry folks.

  42. As soon as a quarterback starts a throwing motion, Joe Buck says “PASS IS..[pause waiting for outcome]….CAUGHT/dropped/incomplete.” Once you notice that, you cannot listen to him call a game.

  43. My mom told me if I didn’t have anything nice to say then talk about Joe Buck.

  44. Prefer Charles Barkley and Johnny Football with sideline reporting by Joe Namath and Stormy Daniels.

  45. Perfect since I do not enjoy listening to Buck/Aikman anyway. Let them do TNF as I do not watch it. How long before the NFL listens to the fans and stops TNF?

  46. Aikman mails it in every week. Talks about the qb’s not the offense the whole game. Says the same stuff over and over. Romo is better in his first year.

  47. I’m out.

    I was out when it was announced Fox was taking over TNF, honestly. Their NFL coverage across the board is lazy and tired.

  48. I would never NOT watch a football game because of the announcers and I suspect many of the strong anti Joe Buck blow hards wouldn’t either.

    That said… Dan Dierdorf was as close to unwatchable as it gets, period.

  49. Well, I’m done with Thursday football now anyway. The league can’t figure out to play teams coming off a bye to give them time
    to recover between games.

    Joe can go Buck himself.

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