Giants announce settlement of Eli Manning lawsuit

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The civil fraud lawsuit against the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning officials has been resolved.

The Giants issued a statement on Monday night confirming that the case is over.

“Eric Inselberg, Michael Jakab and Sean Godown have resolved all claims in their pending litigation against the New York Giants, Eli Manning, John Mara, William Heller, Joseph Skiba, Edward Skiba and Steiner Sports, in accordance with a confidential settlement agreement reached today,” the statement from the team explains. “The compromise agreement, entered into by all parties, should not be viewed as supporting any allegations, claims or defenses. All parties are grateful to have the matter, which began in 2014, concluded and are now focused on football, the fans and the future.”

The next question becomes whether the NFL will launch an investigation under the Personal Conduct Policy. Although the policy expressly encompasses fraud, the league may draw a distinction between civil fraud and criminal fraud. Also, the absence of a jury verdict finding Manning guilty of civil fraud could make the league less likely to launch an investigation.

32 responses to “Giants announce settlement of Eli Manning lawsuit

  1. The settlement probably contains a gag order on the plaintiffs. The NFL will find out nothing, and, of course, it’s Mara and the Giants so they will look the other way.

  2. “the absence of a jury verdict finding” – why should that have anything to do with this? The NFL have shown time and again, the court of law means NOTHING in the world of Roger… …or is this because it involves the Giants and their precious, “saintly” Eli Manning???

  3. Don’t count on it. The NFL Commissioner’s office is unfair and outright corrupt.

    Remember that Giant’s kicker who was subject to the mandatory 6 game suspsension for Domestic Violence? One call from Mara to Goodell and what is “mandatory” for everyone else, was optional for the Giants.

    In the end he was fired given public outcry against Mara – so instead of just doing his 6 game suspension, now his wife is likely even MORE in danger as he’ll blame her for the loss of his job.

    That’s just one of many consequences when the NFL is not played on an even playing field for all teams – so to speak

  4. If agreement is confidential with non disclosure and does not stipulate any violation/fraud, this will be a closed investigation. Ends well for all, it appears.

  5. i’m gonna guess that it’s highly more probable than not that goodell keeps looking the other way as this giant turd splatters his precious shield.

  6. Apparently this was a scheme by team and staff members of the Giants to rip off the fans by selling fake merchandise. A failure by the league to pursue this would condone such behavior. Roger talks about integrity of the league—here is a chance to prove that it really matters.

  7. No, there will be no further action. Just another Manning back room deal to make it go away. What next? Ruin the reputations of these guy’s wives/daughters? It not like the Manningfia hasn’t done this to someone already, at least twice that we know of. Mannings are sure tough when it’s 3 on 1.

  8. According to fans of 31 teams, settlement means an admission of guilt. Suspend Eli and fine the New Jersey Giants and take 1st round draft pick.

  9. This is TOTAL BS! Mara and his crew will get off scott free from the NFL. If this were the Cowboys? They’d be ‘investigated’ and then punished for sure!! What a freaking joke.

  10. Any punishment for Eli ought to be multiplied by 100 for Matt Patricia.

  11. Even if there was an investigation the Giant’s fan on that committee would overlook the evidence to form the conclusion she wanted to, like she did with Ezekiel Elliot.

  12. good old american justice. The case in summary. Here what you did ! No I didn’t ! Yes you did we have evidence ! oh crap ! Ok how much money do you need to have this go away ! OK here’s a check. Everyone wins ! Except the truth and real justice.

  13. Stu Bidaciou says:
    May 14, 2018 at 10:40 pm
    Eli should be suspended and the Giants should be fined and lose draft picks.

    16 8 Rate This


    Absolutely, but it will never happen. The draft pick theft is only relegated to trying to weaken the Pats.

    We all know this by now.

    That’s why when other teams FACTUALLY CHEAT (not framed), nothing really happens. It’s nothing or a small fine for a billionaire.

    It’s just unreal how they do it in front of the paying customer and then wonder why ratings continue to drop.

  14. redlikethepig says:
    May 15, 2018 at 9:04 am
    Any punishment for Eli ought to be multiplied by 100 for Matt Patricia.


    That makes no sense. One is guilty and one is not.

    Then again, you people want Pats coaches and players framed, so why break precedent?

  15. pologroundsvet says:
    May 15, 2018 at 6:42 am
    As revealed in the press the words used by Manning could be read various ways. Nothing was conclusive and the parties settled. Move on.


    Yes, sure the day he was supposed to go into court to testify. He must have written a very large check.

    Are you Goodell or Mara?

  16. Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 134:8(b) Integrity of the game:

    All fraud must be severely punished or buried via confidential settlement and obfuscation.

  17. The rational way to interpret this is that the defendants felt they were reasonably likely to lose, and thus wanted to avoid getting exposed under oath and any NFL suspension that would follow. Once all discovery and trial prep had been completed, the plaintiffs obviously would not settle for a small amount either.

  18. These guys had Eli and the Giants over a barrel — there was a 100% certainty this was going to settle. Now with a confidentiality provision in the settlement agreement, the Giants and Eli have covered their posterior.

  19. I’m assuming numerous checks for large amounts changed hands.

    “We didn’t do anything wrong. We paid off these people because we didn’t want our families to go through the pain and embarrassment of a public trial,” said Every Guilty Party.

  20. Manning had a contract with Steiner Sports while performing the time honored tradition of tipping clubhouse employees by allowing them to make a little cash on the side. It shouldn’t have gotten this far. Steiner Sports etc, should get down off their high horse. I’m sure a little detective/cub reporter work will expose more than a few skeletons in their closets by ripping off gullible sports nerds.

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