Hue Jackson to jump in a lake for charity

Getty Images

Hue Jackson is a man of his word, but his doctor still had a say.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns head coach is going to make good on his promise from after the 2016 season to jump in Lake Erie if his team went 1-15 again.

Of course, the Browns went 0-16, so there was technically a loophole. But a promise is a promise.

“It’s going to be a cleansing of the Cleveland Browns,” Jackson said earlier this year. “That’s what it will be.”

Jackson said he was doing so for charity (specifically, his foundation which works to fight human trafficking), and would pledge $100 for every Browns employee who jumped in the lake with him.

It would have been more of a punishment had he done so in the winter, but there’s a reason he didn’t. Jackson had a stent placed in his heart in 2014, and his doctors forbade him for plunging into the frigid right-after-the-season water.