Panthers rookie Donte Jackson is a natural talker


The Panthers haven’t found a guy who could play like Josh Norman, since they let the All-Pro cornerback go without compensation.

But they’ve at least found a guy who can talk like him.

Panthers second-round pick Donte Jackson made a big impression in his rookie minicamp, with a level of bravado that rookies don’t always display.

I talk,” Jackson said, via Bill Voth of the team’s official website. “But I don’t really do the superhero thing. I wake up like this. Just a natural edge. Like Beyoncé said, ‘She woke up like that.’”

“Did he just quote Beyoncé?” Panthers coach Ron Rivera asked moments later. “He is a personality. He’s got a lot of confidence. You see it on the field. You see it when you talk to him. You watch it in his gait, the way he carries himself. That’s the type of attitude you have to have if you want to play in this league. You have to have a certain type of swagger.

“Josh Norman had it. He had it from Day One. You guys saw it. He struggled a little bit, but because of his swagger, he was able to bring himself back. Well, this young man’s got something.”

Of course, Jackson’s got a long road in front of him to reach Norman’s level of play. But the Panthers hope the small-but-fast (4.32-second 40 at the combine) corner can help them match up with some of the speed receivers in their division. And if he can turn into a player like Norman, then they’ll be able to crow about finding him in the second round.

10 responses to “Panthers rookie Donte Jackson is a natural talker

  1. I’m a natural talker. However, I wish I was a natural listener.

    As a middle aged man I’d like to point out to any youth that think that ‘She woke up like that.’” simply rolling out of bed isn’t going to get you very far in life. If you happen to already be famous…yeah sure just roll out of bed and do your thing. But the rest of us have to work at it. Don’t live your live like a pompous celebrity. I’d caution taking advice from a celebrity that already has it made.

  2. AT LSU, he played over his head at times….but he is a game changer if he is in the right frame of mind. For a 2nd rounder, he’ll make an impression on the field.

  3. Historical Revisionism – Everytime Norman is brought up this is the term I think of…Yes he played great the 1st 4 games of the 2015 season, his contract year (4 picks 2 TD’s) 1st 3 years he had 3 INTs. Last year 0 ints.

    As for Jackson the Panther way would be he’s average years 1 – 3, then breaks out year 4 and the panthers let he walk.

  4. I watch a lot of LSU football and not to knock the kid but I can tell you that most LSU fans were surprised this guy went as high as he did. He was never the best DB on the field at LSU. Ever since his freshman season he relied on speed, never really got better in technique because he can run with pretty much anyone. Expect a struggle early on in his career but if they can get him to buy into learning and mastering his technique he should have a long productive career. Tre’davis White is a prime example of a guy that didn’t have Jackson’s elite speed but mastered technique while at LSU and is having a pretty good career thus far. Really hope Jackson can have similar success.

  5. He may be sub-6 foot, but he has a wingspan that exceeds his height. That is not an insignificant thing when it comes to getting hands on throws, as he is already equipped with elite speed so he’ll be in the area far more often than not. If he can listen as well as he gabs…he might learn a few pointers that set in and enable him to iron out sound, consistent technique. We’ll see, I wish him well.

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