Ryan Tannehill expected to have “little or no limitations” during OTAs

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Ryan Tannehill is expected to have “little or no limitations” when the Dolphins begin organized team activities next week, Armando Salguero reports. Still, the Dolphins likely use caution with the starting quarterback, giving backups Brock Osweiler and David Fales more work.

Tannehill, 29, has not attempted a regular-season pass since December 11, 2016. He partially tore his ACL in the final month of 2016 and then further tore the same ligament in a training camp practice last year.

The Dolphins are optimistic and enthusiastic about Tannehill’s return.

“It’s been impressive to watch Ryan really throw the football and the command he has of the offense,” Dolphins offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said, via Salguero. “The 2016 season, he had such a good year. For me, the first thing I did was turn on the [2017] OTAs and the training camp right before he got hurt and got to watch how much improvement and how much jump he had taken in Year 2, and it was unfortunate that he got hurt because obviously the offense was affected by it.”

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  1. Do non-fans realize that this is who Miami’s offensive line is, right?!?

    Remember in 2013… when richie incognito/mike pouncey/john jerry
    gave up a league leading 58 sacks?!?

    In 77 games… Tannehill averaged 2.76 sacks per game.

    Keep on blaming Tannehill, clueless ones.

  2. I hope they don’t baby him too long … just to have his knee cave in right before the season begins.

    I’m not advocating putting him in harm’s way, but don’t coddle him either. He’s ready to play this year or he’s not.

  3. I’m not “sold” on Tannehill – He never seems to find any rhythm
    ( And I don’t mean because the O-Line keeps getting him destroyed either!) –
    He’s never been able to put a string of GOOD games together, mediocre YES – But NOTHING to call him a “franchise” QB !
    Even “Good” franchise QB’s have had to deal with bad O-lines & still managed respectable seasons.
    I think he’s become the ” franchise” QB by default – No one else was better on the roster
    (and NO – Matt Moore was NOT the answer!)& I believe this will finally be his last season
    in Miami, because the 2019 Draft will be QB heavy with quality picks again.
    And too ALL those that bemoaned Arizona jumping the board to get Rosen – be THANKFUL,
    as I see a Ryan Leif 2.0 in that character!

  4. He had a good 1st yr under Gase, and last yr was essentially a redshirt yr of learning the nuances of the offense. He’s able to understand the why’s, now he just needs to build chemistry with his new toys primarily the TEs as I see us running a 2 TE set as a primary similar to the Gronk and Hernandez yrs. Gesicki will be the moving Chess piece on offense along with Ballage. My only hope is either Asiata pans out or we grab one more OG that’s released eventually

  5. I agree with Khalif Williams to a point – I think he gets just 1 more season to “gel” with this seasons Offensive tools,unless of course he lights up the scoreboard and ends with a stellar season!
    Otherwise Gase has got to know these rookies will still be able to gel with whoever is put under center for 2019 ( IF? Gase is still the coach that is! )

  6. sbdt says:
    May 15, 2018 at 4:48 pm
    Tannehill also expected to have “little or no completions” once the season starts

    He only holds the NFL record for most completions in a row.

  7. finfansince68 Its tough to say but there isn’t quite the same level of hype for this years QB class as I saw for last years team..

    As for all the people calling Tannehill Mediocre I don’t think you throw 27td’s and 12 int’s and call that mediocre.. He is a good QB along the lines of Flacco,Alex Smith, or Cousins. The one problem i have with people saying get rid of Tannehill completly is they seem to forget the about 17 or 20 QBs we wen’t through after Marino retired that were terrible… Cleo Lemon,Chad Henne, joey harrington anyone?

    I don’t have a problem drafting a young QB to push Tannehill but i have a feeling after this season it will be less of an issue.. I think he was on the verge of having a breakout season in 2017 before going down in camp.. I could be wrong but lets see how this season plays out with low expectations.

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