Cowboys defensive line looks as deep as it’s been in a long time

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Tyrone Crawford was asked last week if the current Cowboys defensive line was the best he’s seen in his time in Dallas.

“I mean, are you talking about when Ratliff, D-Ware, Spence and Hatcher were all here?” Crawford said.

How soon they forget.

In Crawford’s rookie season of 2012, the Cowboys had DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Jason Hatcher and Jay Ratliff. The previous season was the last time the Cowboys made more than 40 sacks. They had 42 in 2011.

But there is no doubt the current Cowboys defensive line is the best since the team switched back to the 4-3 in 2013. Rod Marinelli, who arrived five years ago as the defensive line coach, became the defensive coordinator of Dallas’ Tampa 2 in 2014.

“Oh yeah, I really like the guys we’ve got, and they work,” Marinelli said. “They come out, and they go. They know what the tempo is. That’s always been our calling card — tempo, our movement, our speed and some of those things. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter. We put our socks back on and get ready to roll.”

The Cowboys have DeMarcus Lawrence, who had a breakout year in making 14.5 sacks last season, Crawford, Taco Charlton, Charles Tapper, Maliek Collins, David Irving, Datone Jones, Jihad Ward and Kony Ealy. They drafted Dorance Armstrong, who they have high hopes for, and they could see the return of Randy Gregory, who will apply for reinstatement this week.

They should live up to Marinelli’s name for the them — “Rush Men” — as the Cowboys send pass rushers in waves.

“I’m more excited to get this thing going than ever,” Crawford said. “The defensive line, we’ve got a lot of weapons and with what we’ve shown so far in workouts, I’m excited to see these guys on the field. It’s going to definitely be a fun year. I’m ready for everything Coach Marinelli has to coach us and we’ll see how it goes.”

22 responses to “Cowboys defensive line looks as deep as it’s been in a long time

  1. I don’t think Randy Gregory is coming back anytime soon unless Goodell throws Jerrah a bone after last year’s cheating by Goodell of the Cowboys.

    And, Datone Jones sucks.

    Keep running those yaps and reading your press clippings, Dallas players. Maybe someday you’ll get it.

  2. Really hope all these guys make it and stay healthy & clean. If they can put it all together, this group could be dynamite.

    Anyone rooting for any of them to fail should reflect on their motives.

  3. Our defense finished top ten last year and only gotten better this offseason. So what don’t you haters get? And that was with rookie corners yo! Not hype just posting facts…. carry on with the hate SMH

  4. I really like what this team has done in drafting and developing the line. Sure, they’ve signed veterans to fill in as bridge players throughout the process but the goal was always to get their own guys ready to play. I can’t wait until the pads come on in training camp and this team starts to take shape, there are some good homegrown pieces that will contribute heavily this season.

  5. More then half those names mentioned are nobodies! Cowboys typical pre-season hype and then fall apart during the season

  6. I think it’s a certainty that Dallas defense has greatly improved. All Rod Maranelli asks his DL to do is go hard on every play. Rod can move people in and out of the DL without losing much. The young DB will improved with another year under their belt. If the ‘Boys actually found a MLB with their 1st draft choice, the defense will be formidable!

  7. Who’s actually good apart from Tank though? And even he tailed off after 7 games…
    One probowl level guy doesn’t instill fear

  8. calizcowboyz says:
    May 16, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Our defense finished top ten last year and only gotten better this offseason. So what don’t you haters get? And that was with rookie corners yo! Not hype just posting facts…. carry on with the hate SMH
    Except for the fact that they finished tied for 13th in scoring, the thing that matters most. And if the Eagles didn’t play their scrubs in the last game, they could have easily dropped to the lower 15. Also, they ranked 23rd in advanced stat of DVOA. They’re a good team, but they are closer to the rest of the pack than the elite teams in the NFC (Vikes, Eagles, Rams, Packers and basically everyone in the South except Bucs)

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot, this is a seventh straight year that Dallas has killed in the draft! Just want to remind these cowboys fans of what their reality is… Three playoff wins in the last 21 years. How’s that for a no-hype fact? I imagine it really sucks. But I wouldn’t know.

  10. They are going to need all the help they can get from their defense since the league’s defenses have caught up to Dak Prescott. Dak needs to take a big step this year for the Cowboys to have any chance.

  11. I love all the venom spewing by the usual morons who have nothing better to do with their lives and probably contribute zero to society.

  12. Cowboys fans are reduced to NOTHING at this point but a Thumbs Down button 😀
    Rage Against the Winners, Dallas and recognize the new reality, because nobody else did in the NFL and now We’re The Champions.

  13. Oh my, the Eagles get ONE championship after many years of mediocrity and they’re not only all over Cowboys’ stories, but those of NE, Vikings, etc. Spewing the hate. Does the little brother syndrome bother you that much Eagles fans?

    And who is scared of this D-Line? Just a bunch of nobodies? Obviously don’t follow football much if you don’t know anyone outside of Tank Lawrence. IF starters stay healthy, this is a LEGIT top 5 defense. It’s going to be fun watching the fall of the NFC East back to what the world is accustomed to…the Cowboys at the top.

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