Pardon My Take on PFT Live, part two (actually, part one)

Barstool Sports

Being Big J journalists, Barstool Big Cat and PFT Commenter of the wildly-popular Pardon My Take podcast made good on their promise to show up for a spot on Wednesday morning’s PFT Live. Even though they seriously considered not showing up.

When they showed up, we discussed various things. The second part of the video with the things we discussed (which actually is the first part of their appearance on the show) is attached to this blurb.

Next week, Dan and [name withheld] will be embarking on their annual Grit Week tour, heading south. Presumably in a van or other vehicle capable of making the trek at highway speeds above the posted minimum. Check them out three times per week on Pardon My Take, even though they haven’t invited me to appear on the podcast in months.

They actually used the “we didn’t want to bother you” excuse. Which is definitely a Big J journo move.