NFL may make ejections subject to replay review

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The NFL is considering a new rule that would have the referee consult with the league’s centralized replay office before ejecting a player from the game.

Under the proposed rule, which the owners will vote on next week, disqualification of a player will be added to the list of reviewable plays, which also includes possession of the ball, touching the ball, touching the ground, plays governed by the goal line, sidelines, line of scrimmage, line to gain, number of players on the field and proper game administration.

The NFL’s official proposal for the owners to vote on says that it would permit instant replay to correct an officiating error that resulted in the disqualification of a player. It does not indicate that the reverse would be true, that the league’s officiating office could contact the referee to tell him to eject a player who wasn’t ejected.

The NFL has indicated that players may start getting ejected more frequently for violations of rules meant to protect players from brain injuries. This proposal could be an attempt to ensure that ejections do not go overboard.

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  1. That’s a fairly common sense rule. The NFL seems to be taking a page from the NBA’s rulebook…which is what they’re aiming to become: basketball on grass.

  2. In general I’m anti-replay. It just kills the flow of the game. However, I’m for this. An ejection is a kind of a big deal, so they should get it right rather than say “Our bad…” on Tuesday.

  3. “The NFL is considering a new rule that would have the referee consult with the league’s centralized replay office before ejecting a player from the game.”

    Translation: “Goodell wants to increase his ability to influence the outcomes of games”

  4. It is difficult to determine if this is smart or not without reading what it actually says. The author’s word choice may not accurately represent the proposal. This reads like they must ask permission BEFORE ejecting someone. I do believe they should get it right but when all the major calls in a game are directly controlled by the league (who wants a cut of gambling proceeds) it is not conducive to “integrity”. There have been accusations of the league favoring certain teams to generate more drama/profit and the league keeps ignoring the perception, but it does exist.

    I believe, if the league is intent on controlling the games from NYC then the conversations between the referee on the field and the powers that be in NYC should NOT be private. They could broadcast them over the speaker system or, at a minimum, patch in BOTH head coaches in so they can hear (not participate in) the conversation. THAT would ensure integrity of the replay system AND give insight to how some of the baffling calls get decided. If the NFL can’t do that then they fear integrity and accountability rather than embracing it.

  5. Perfect!!!!!!!

    Let’s drag out the games even more.

    Maybe we can have robots take over for humans?

  6. So will they stop the game or do they review it upstairs and the player waits on sideline to see if he is ejected while the game proceeds?

    We don’t need more long stoppages. Js

    The NBA takes 10 mins to decide on replay if it’s a flagrant 1 or 2 foul. I don’t want similar 10 minute stops in NFL.

  7. Knowing that they can get instantaneous support from the league office might also make refs more comfortable making ejections. There’s no risk that they’ll wake up the next day and find out that the league has hung them out to dry.

  8. I have already had my fill of watching a guy in a striped shirt squinting into a laptop. Just keep playing and let New York announce the suspensions on Tuesday for the next game. And yeah the game ref needs to keep the dignity of being in charge of that game. If a player does something horrible, he shouldn’t have to check with anyone before tossing him.

  9. Or we could just do what Belichick suggested have the same number of challenge flags, but add the ability to throw those for any questionable calls.

  10. This is just common sense, and they need to start automatic quick booth review of major penalties like PI.

  11. Just shut-up and play football! The rule book has turned into little more than a farce. Most officials don’t know and can’t interpret what’s even it, let alone enforce it. Last season just the tip of the iceberg with legitimate touchdowns, catches, bogus pass interference calls, roughing the passer, and all the other crap foisted upon the game, the players and the fans being improperly called. ‘Not so instant replay’ has turned into a nightmare. Either disband the league and end professional football or let these men play the game as it was intended to played.

  12. They should add unnecessary roughness and personal fouls to the list of reviewable plays. I have seen too many of these calls being revealed as nothing burgers or missed calls after being replays. A 15 yard penalty can extend drives, and change the outcome of the game.

  13. Vontaze Burfict is having a consult with his lawyers to explore whether his playing is covered by the Fifth Amendment

    Standing in line behind Ryan Shazier.

  14. riverhorsey says:
    May 17, 2018 at 9:55 am
    Pass interference is the biggest blown call in the game.
    You must watch a lot of Patriot games.

  15. They shouldn’t have to stop the game.

    Review the tape at the League office, or wherever, and boot offenders when they feel it is necessary.

  16. Would this not expose children to more of the bad things that players do on the field?
    I mean–let’s say Talib tries to gouge out another player’s eye again. Would they show that in super slow-motion from various angles so everyone in the world could see how rotten and terrible he is?
    And what if Suh tried to stomp on a player’s crotch or leg or knee or ankle again?
    And–what if Talib and Suh were to somehow get into it on the sidelines–chasing each other around with creme pies and buckets of water–knocking over benches and coolers and things, while referees chase them down to Benny Hill music?
    And what if whichever Other player is suddenly subject to being ejected for doing something terrible–but he’s the Top Spokesperson for Budweiser or All-State or Nationwide or Southwestern Airlines, and these companies suddenly lose millions because their spokesperson appears to be clinically insane and a menace to society?
    Seriously, I mean.

  17. ” It does not indicate that the reverse would be true, that the league’s officiating office could contact the referee to tell him to eject a player who wasn’t ejected.”

    Oh please. This is Fraudger and company. Of course they’ll tell the refs to eject players.

  18. The great game of football we older guys loved in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s has been ruined

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