Report: Matt Moore could wait until season starts to sign

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Matt Moore remains a free agent and might not have a new home for a few months.

The veteran quarterback is considering waiting until after the season begins to sign anywhere, giving him time to survey the “quarterback landscape to see which team needs help,” Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports. That means Moore is waiting for a team to have an injury at the position, which inevitably will happen.

Moore received interest from the Chiefs and Texans early in free agency.

Houston opted for Brandon Weeden, who was familiar with its offense, and then added Joe Webb and Stephen Morris. Kansas City signed Chad Henne and Matt McGloin.

Moore, 33, became a free agent in March after playing out his two-year, $3.5 million deal with the Dolphins.

He played four games with two starts last season for the Dolphins, completing 61.4 percent of his passes for 861 yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions.

18 responses to “Report: Matt Moore could wait until season starts to sign

  1. Every Texan fan would rather have Moore than Weeden. Texas has no back-up plan. Moore would have been viable. Watson gets hurt (again) and it’s all over. They should have made Moore an offer he couldn’t refuse. He is head and shoulders better than many teams 2nd stringers.

    Did anyone think 2 years ago that Foles was better than Moore? But we did know that Foles was ‘good enough’ as is Moore. Weeden among many others are not ‘good enough’. Foles ended up being way better when it mattered. But again, he was viewed as ‘good enough’ while being good to great was a bonus.

  2. Moore should find work, but I don’t think he’s as good as many think. He’s a gun-slinger with a diminishing arm (not that it was above-average to begin with). Aggressive player that just can’t get the ball there consistently.

  3. I would be very ok with it if Green Bay grabbed this guy. 1)Rodgers 2)Moore 3)Kizer (let him develop for a couple years).

    Having Moore on the roster would be a nice guy to have to keep the seat warm for Rodgers if something happens again. He’s at least capable.

    Hundley, you can see yourself out.

  4. The “wait and see” tactic might work great for a big time star player. But for a 33 year old backup it is a risky move. Plenty of younger & cheaper options for backups.

  5. How the hell did Glennon get $18.5m for whatever you want to call what he did on the field….and this guy plays his heart out, leaving it all on the field (have you seen him take hits???!!!) and he just finished up a 2-yr, $3.5m deal.

    Good luck, Mr. Moore.

  6. SMART Move! He is easily one of the better Backups in the league. If he signs now he get locked into a low ball contract. If he waits and a team does not have a young buck ready to go after a critical summer injury to a Starter or 2nd, he makes a lot more. I present to you the case of my dopey Dolphins that signed Cutler to $10M to basically lose 10 games… 7 of which were all on him. Had Culter signed before the Tannehill injury, he would have made less than $2M.

  7. upnorthvikesfan says:
    May 17, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    The “wait and see” tactic might work great for a big time star player. But for a 33 year old backup it is a risky move. Plenty of younger & cheaper options for backups.

    that would be true for any other position, but not for a proven veteran QB like Matt Moore. He knows somebody is going to be looking, perhaps as early as August and he is head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates.

    With a 33 year old body along with his experience learning systems and playing, I can’t blame him for missing out on training camp…

  8. Money for the QB position is sic (except in New England) so he’ll find work and get paid.

  9. If Gase is smart he will have Matt Moore back in a dolphins uniform to compete with the other 3 QBs. Matt Moore knows the system better than any QB on the roster. Matt Moore please bulk up a little. If you do in the next 2 months; you are likely to get a call from Gase and many other teams to compete! I just can’t get over what Matt Moore did with our offense in 2016. (You-tube it people)

  10. He’s made a decent chunk of money as a backup for the Dolphins the last few years. He can afford to wait and see.

  11. PresidentTrumpIsRightRespectYourCountryAndFlag says:
    May 17, 2018 at 8:18 pm
    A much better QB than Ryan Turnoverhill.
    I like Matt Moore. But you are comparing him to Tannehill n one of his weakest area. And selected an area where Tannehill is pretty strong.
    The average int % in the NFL last year was 2.3. Matt Moore last year threw 5 int on 127 attempts for 3.9% int rate
    For his career MM has interception rate of 3.7%. That is beyond bad.
    The guy you are calling a turnover machine has an interception rate of 2.55 for his career

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