Tom Rathman looking for a few tough backs in Indy

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Tom Rathman knows what he’s looking for in his first year as the running backs coach in Indianapolis.

He’s looking for backs that play the game the same way he did during his nine-year NFL career. Rathman was a rugged fullback and he wants the same trait to shine through in a young Colts backfield that includes 2017 fourth-rounder Marlon Mack, 2018 fourth-rounder Nyheim Hines and 2018 fifth-rounder Jordan Wilkins.

“I expect the same thing out of the players that I did,” Rathman said, via the Indianapolis Star. “The same way that I approached the game, I’m trying to teach them their approach to the game the same way. You want to beat your defender to the punch. I think if you do that, the advantage goes to [you] … Toughness, that’s one thing I demand. I know one thing, if you’re coaching a tough guy, that tough guy isn’t going to let you down over the years.”

Mack is recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder after playing through the injury all of last year. Rathman said he commends Mack for a move that would seem to give him a perfect example of what he’s looking for from the whole group in 2018.

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  1. When Rathman played for the 49ers he was the smartest guy on the field. He was the most prepared. He would whisper to the other RB’s what they were supposed to do. He also studied, so he knew what the defenders were going to do too. That’s how he beat them to the punch. He was always like another coach. He was also one of the toughest players, and the 49ers had plenty of those. The Colts haven’t been coached hard in years. Rathman is trying to help change that culture.

  2. Tom Rathman and I used to get our 1980s flattop cut by the same guy–Dude named Terry in San Carlos, CA. Tom also provided the tickets to the first NFL game I ever attended, a memorable Monday Night Football win by the 49ers over the Redskins. Tom also scored a touchdown in that game if I remember correctly. But the thing I recall the most was the epic battle between Jerry Rice and Darrell Green all night long. They were already playing like the Hall of Famers they’d become. And Tom? So cool to see that he’s still coaching.

  3. Ok I had to laugh when I saw the words “tough” and “Indy” in the same sentence.

  4. terripet says:
    May 17, 2018 at 8:52 am
    Reich n Ballard put together a good coaching staff


    Last place in the AFC South. Even you know it.

  5. Walsh used Rathman beautifully in the WCO. Rathman caught as many swing passes from Montana as he did runs up the gut. First fullback I had ever seen wear a defensive lineman facemask. He would literally turn up field and seek out head-on collisions.

    WCO got labeled as a finesse system but Rathman was anything but

  6. Don’t want to sound old school but a lot of young players nowadays don’t want to put in the true effort to gain an advantage like they did back in Rathman’s playing days. He was usually the smartest, most prepared player on the field. If he can get these young RB’s to produce at a high level then his name is going to start showing up in HC conversations IMO.

  7. While I think the team talent, culture, and front office/coaching staff have improved, it will be a while until the banner boys hang another banner. The previous GM really did a number on that franchise and it will take time to overcome that. I think they are on the right track.

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