Robert Kraft being deposed in Colin Kaepernick collusion case

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Earlier this week, Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway was deposed in the Colin Kaepernick collusion case. Next up is Patriots owner Robert Kraft, according to TMZ Sports.

The former 49ers quarterback attended the sessions with Elway and Texans owner Bob McNair, among others. There is no word on whether he will sit in on Kraft’s deposition.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider also have answered questions during the grievance process.

Kaepernick is trying to find evidence that proves the NFL jointly discussed and formulated a plan to keep him off an NFL roster after his decision to kneel for the national anthem before games in 2016 while protesting social injustice.

Kaepernick remains without a job after not getting any offers in 2017.

36 responses to “Robert Kraft being deposed in Colin Kaepernick collusion case

  1. lol

    Fairly certain with Brady and just recently Garoppolo, NE was never in the market for a QB, especially a Wildcat/Read Option gimmick one.

  2. “Kaepernick remains without a job after not getting any offers in 2017.”

    That is a little untrue as he was all but offered to be the QB1 for the Montreal Alouettes in 2017. Colin K and his agent didn’t even deign to give a reply to the Canadian team. He could have arrived here in Canada last year and played lights out proving his case for the NFL. His contempt to play in another country speaks volumes to me that he doesn’t really care about playing football but would rather waste the best years of his athletic career pursuing a ill conceived legal challenge to keep his name in the spotlight for a few more moments instead.

  3. WHAT collusion?
    Kaepernick would HAVE a job if he were ANY GOOD!
    It’s ALL about the “business” – You cannot strong arm an owner into signing someone that CAN’T make their team better – They don’t sign a player because they think he’s a “nice” guy or he’s mediocre !
    They sign players to CONTRIBUTE & NOT just to take a final 53 roster spot!!
    Of course it didn’t help his “cause” to kneel, but the fact is IF he was good enough, he’d at least be a back-up somewhere.

  4. This collusion case is such a joke and I 100% support any players right to express their views and peacefully protest.

    The bottom line is that in the NFL or any job for the matter. Your value/skill needs to outweigh any negatives or distractions whether they are real or perceived. Kap is barely good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL, he runs a gimmicky/unconventional offense and is an off field distraction. If Kap was a clear cut top 10 QB in the NFL, he’d still have a job.

    If you chose to be a distraction, even for a good cause, be prepared to deal with potentially turning off future employers. The second the distraction outweighs the skill/talent/production you are DONE.

  5. This is a brilliant man….I always wondered why he was visiting meek mill in prison in philly…. and just so happens the news crew was there…Seemed kinda odd… he knew this was coming…and if you don’t think they are all about image and money. He’s simply playing the same game as Kap.

  6. It’s 2018 people, didn’t you know certain people are owed a certain lifestyle and job choice? There are no longer requirements of employees or citizens, only employers and communities. Remember 25 years ago when the participation trophy generation was launched? Remember how you were told this was going to create a mess down the road? Looks like we’re down the road now.

  7. Will we soon see kaepernick on a street corner begging for money to pay the lawyers?

  8. skawh says:
    May 18, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Ugh, I’m so tired of Colin Kaepernick and his stupid SJW crusade! There is no collusion. Hail to the Redskins.


    I agree and hail to the Redskins back at you!

  9. My undying loyalty to the team of the owner that takes the stand and simply says “ we didn’t sign him because he stinks . Period”.

  10. All these powerful figures being “deposed” makes it sound like Kaepernick is a revolutionary hero marching across the country setting the people free.

  11. What a joke, with all these coaches he’s calling in, why not call in Chip Kelly so he can tell the court why Blaine Gabbert was a better option to go with and bench Kap. Just watch the Chicago game where he had more sacks than he had attempts in the first half. Very simple, his talent (or lack of) is not worth his headaches.

  12. First of all, yes the owners probably colluded against colon kaepernick, yes he was slipping drastically in terms of good play and yes he’s actually better than a lot of the the backups in the league. Only problem is he wants to be a starter and paid as such without any new tape of what he’s able to do. Not a very good way to get yourself back into the league. I was actually for the whole sitting to make a point, but you made a point, naturally you’ve got consequences for your actions like any other adult. Your not exactly doing yourself any favors by not playing in the CFL or somewhere else showing why you should be an NFL qb. Not only that it seems like it had the exact opposite effect in society where the actual innocent minorities are being harmed by the police. Yeah thanks Kaep.

  13. nhpats says:
    May 18, 2018 at 3:38 pm
    I hope the court demands that Kaep pay all the legal expenses these owners are incurring for this farce.


    Kinda like Brady paying back all of his expenses? Please child…

  14. There is a book that came out decades ago called ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’. Even today decades later it would still be a good read for some people.

  15. collusion between owners
    VW never colluded to lie about gas mileage
    Baseball never colluded to keep blacks out
    Of course owners talk to each other and they make decisions about who plays and who does not, this is why they own the team
    So they colluded to keep Kap out, that is their god given right

  16. tedmurph123 says:
    May 18, 2018 at 5:11 pm
    nhpats says:
    May 18, 2018 at 3:38 pm
    I hope the court demands that Kaep pay all the legal expenses these owners are incurring for this farce.


    Kinda like Brady paying back all of his expenses? Please child…
    Brady was not the plaintiff pushing the case though. The NFL was suing that they had the athority to suspend him anyhow regardless that the court had found he was not guilty by. And even in the first case that exonerated Brady was actually filed by the NFL because they were trying to control the jurisdiction.

  17. ayokel21 says:

    I hope the league ends up paying him out 100 M, but it will probably only be 50-80 M.

    Your reply doesn’t look to be very popular. Wonder why.

  18. Kaepernick and his loyal followers refuse to believe he isn’t good enough to start in the NFL.

  19. @tedmurphy123 so did you have a rally at your favorite football teams facility to try and sign kappy the oppressed QB clown ?

  20. Mean while Alex Smith is laughing.The guy that chose kap over smith is crying.The fans that watched that game vs chicago still can’t get it out of their heads.Americas Got Talent turned him down and they take yodelers.

  21. raiderfan121 says:
    May 18, 2018 at 7:18 pm
    @tedmurphy123 so did you have a rally at your favorite football teams facility to try and sign kappy the oppressed QB clown ?


    We did but Chucky said no. We will try again, Carr is not the answer.

  22. jackedupboonie says:
    May 18, 2018 at 4:19 pm
    Sadly, Kaeppy will get money out of this. It’s just a vague collusion claim, any trail whatsoever will lead to a settlement.


    No the NFL will fight this because this will set the tone. Imagine any out of work player now just filing a collusion lawsuit because he can’t find a job if they settle. They will set a precidence. This isn’t brain surgery.

  23. This sets a very worrying issue, Kap isn’t the best QB and started a Locker Room upraising against his Head Coach, plus the Kneeling issue. Kick me in the groin or I’ll sue you..
    Poor kap is going to see ALL his $$$ going to his Lawyers.. Unless the NFL decides to knuckle under and pay him off.. Me? I’d rather see him go to the Old QB’s home with so many other losers…

  24. I agree is a waste of time. Surely they are not so stupid and get together and agree, let’s nobody hire this guy OK? Their individual heads are thinking that? Absolutely!

  25. Do I think that the owners could collude? Yes, I am sure that they have and that they will again.

    However, I honestly don’t think that they did this time. Why would they, from the 1st moment that Kap knelt there was an uproar, then other players did it. There was still an uproar but it died down once there was a settlement.

    Through that though, Kap kept upping the stakes. The pig socks, the shirt, the all cops are slave hunters, and then last but not least when the Ravens didn’t offer him a job his gf called the owner a slave owner and Ray Lewis a house slave. The uproar about Kapernick has so many fans up in arms, that it is a no brainer not to hire him. The fact that Seattle was willing to kick the tires, could’ve actually done more harm than good. The owners are businessmen, they go with what their customers are saying as they want the money. Most of the people talking about how great Kap is and how he should have a job seem to be people outside of the football fan base.

    Colluding to keep Kap out, why, the fans gave all the help the owners needed to never hire him again. There was no reason to collude, more importantly, there was no good business reason. In fact, it would potentially cost whatever team hired him, which all of the owners would love to see.

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