Seahawks promote Nolan Teasley to director of pro personnel

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The Seahawks promoted Nolan Teasley to director of pro personnel, General Manager John Schneider announced Friday.

Teasley most recently held the title of assistant director of pro personnel. He takes over for Dan Morgan, who earlier this month joined the Bills as their director of player personnel.

“We are extremely excited to be able to promote Nolan Teasley into his new role as director of pro personnel,” Schneider said in a statement released by the team. “Nolan started as an intern with us and has continually impressed with his football knowledge and work ethic. We will all miss Dan Morgan but we are very pleased to be able to have Nolan step forward into his new role.”

Teasley is a 2007 graduate of Central Washington University, where he played running back for the Wildcats. After working in corporate marketing after college, Teasley got his start in scouting with the help of fellow Central alum and Seahawks scout Aaron Hineline.

Teasley landed a job as a scouting intern with the Seahawks in 2013. The team then hired as a pro personnel scout in 2014 before promoting him to assistant director of pro personnel last year.

8 responses to “Seahawks promote Nolan Teasley to director of pro personnel

  1. 12-4 this season. Janikowski hits the game winners that Walsh choked on. Penny wins ROTY honors. Wilson gets his first MVP. Seahawks lift up that Lombardi again. And you all keep hating. Book it.

  2. I bet it is a promotion without a salary increase because Seattle is now Penny-pinching Mode. Actually Snide is excited because nothing will change, because he probably promoted a Yesman. LOL

  3. How about 8-8 at best and Russell probably doesn’t finish the season.
    Jano gets busted for PED. Earl Thomas becomes a complete distraction. Bryan Schottenheimer and Ken Norton Jr. are exposed as the poor coaches they are. The Seahawks continue to struggle for 3 more seasons and Seattle becomes a Hockey Town with the new NHL franchise.

  4. I predict the Seahawks score a touchdown on their first drive of the season in Denver, on their way to a complete makeover offensively and average 14 points in 1st halves 2018.

  5. 8-8 is realistic, but if Russell Wilson stays healthy they can do better. I predict they will finish in third, 2 games ahead of the Cards and one game behind the 49ers.

  6. 4-12 is realistic, but if Lil Russ doesn’t get murdered by opposing defenses it’ll be a miracle. Maybe this new head of player personnel can recognize an offensive lineman from 5 feet away. Maybe he’ll even talk them into drafting or signing a competent offensive line! Nahhhhh.

    The best thing is how worried the 2012s are about the rest of the NFC West. They know Kam and Earl and the rest are dinosaurs just waiting for the meteor to hit.

  7. The Seattle defense should worsen without Richard Charmin, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Sheldon Richardson. That is 6 starters or 54% of the starting defense. On offense, they lost pro Bowl TE Jimmy G and his backup, WR Paul Richardson, and they have not done much to improve their terrible O line. The only possible improvement is the return of some injured running backs and a projected 3rd round pick taken in the first round. Russell Wilson had a terrible late season slump that saw his passing yards falling from 2nd place in midseason to 12th place for the entire season.

    My prediction: Seattle will finish 7-9 or worse in 2018. The 12th man will likely stop yelling and start booing by half time. It will be an enjoyable season for people like me, who like to see them lose. LOL

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