Would Jameis Winston find an immediate starting job elsewhere?

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Friday’s PFT Live included a discussion of the remarks from Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken regarding quarterback Jameis Winston‘s habit of trying too hard. Along the way, I spitballed on the question of how hard it would be for Winston to find another starting job, if for whatever reason the Bucs were to abruptly part ways with Winston (which they won’t).

Here’s the point I made: At this juncture of the offseason, no other team would immediately sign Winston and make him the starter, if he were suddenly available.

MDS disagreed with that proposition via Twitter, arguing that the Jaguars would instantly supplant Blake Bortles with Winston — and win the Super Bowl.

So we had MDS call the show, and we hashed it out. Listen to what we had to say, and then chime in with your own thoughts in the comments.

26 responses to “Would Jameis Winston find an immediate starting job elsewhere?

  1. Jags fan here. Of those options, I’ll roll with BB5, thank you.

    And, for the record, I’d probably take BB5 over probably 1/2 of the starters in the league right now. Is he Brady? no, obviously. But, I’d roll with him over far more people than those outside of Jacksonville (or in my case, recent relo to Charlotte, NC) would think.

  2. I’d take him over Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor, AJ Mccarron, Case Keenum, Josh McKown, Ryan Tannenhill, Bortles, Eli Manning, Sam Bradford to name a few.

  3. He would be an improvement with the Jaguars. Let’s not forget, the Jaguars almost lost at home in playoffs against the Bills. Bortles struggled to throw the football. Winston is an upgrade over shot arm Bortles.

  4. arcross12042004scorp15 says:
    May 18, 2018 at 11:26 am
    After viewing Jamesis’ inspirational
    ” Eat a W ” speech, I wouldn’t let him near my team.
    That was a little obsessed. But Ill take it if my team is a “low energy” losing organization. And, now lets get down to my point. What is your resume compared to Jameis Winston, beginning in high schools and college. I mean the kid has just proven he is a WINNER in the right situation. The problem with the NFL is they are filled with average thinking coaches who don’t understand what the “baller” mindset has done for these kids in the past. They eventually figure out how to win. But these coaches, the moment one stumbles a bit, want to make you like the average QB. Thats one of the reasons they are always talking about not being able to find good QB’s! WHEREAS with over 128 D1 teams, there always seem to be 1 or 2 starting QB’s playing WELL and at a high level. In college you see it is about WINNING. In the pro’s it is about being safe, and proto-typical. And that takes away a ballers edge they have developed to BEAT the proto-typical player. When these coaches allow these NFL QB’s to do what they did well in college and modify their systems to fit their strengths, the QB’S almost always improves and even thrives. After about 4 or 5 years, the coaches have RUINED these guys with their average thinking.


  5. It’s a meaningless question. No team would cut their starting quarterback at this point and every other team has a plan in place for their starter. Only the best quarterbacks in the league are going to be immediately picked up and made the starter if they suddenly became available now. If Winston had been a free agent in March with everybody else, he would have been signed by somebody to be the starter. Maybe Arizona signs Winston instead of Bradford because there are fewer injury questions and maybe they decide against drafting Rosen (or at least trading up for him) because they have a guy who should be pretty reliable.

  6. THE NFL DOESNT KNOW SQUAT ABOUT QB’S THAT’S WHY THEY ARE OVERPAYING A BUNCH OF GUYS WHO BASICALLY DISTRIBUTE THE BALL in a highly scripted system to RB’s and TE’s!!! Philly is looking brilliant at this point by ignoring what the NFL does with QB’s.

  7. I’m not sure if I was least impressed by his leadership abilities shown on Hard Knocks last year or his subsequent on-field performance during the season.

  8. Okay but why doesn’t anyone use this argument against Joe Flacco? That guy continues to get excuse after excuse when he wouldn’t start for any other team.

  9. Not a single team in the NFL would win a Super Bowl with Winston at QB….

  10. It’s too late in the offseason for this discussion but say he became a free agent when free agency had begun. Would every team have rushed to sign him? No, of course not. He’s not that good. Would ANY team have signed him. Of course someone would have. He’s not that bad. The guy’s a mid-tier quarterback and there’s nothing wrong with that unless you think you can’t win without a franchise-level guy. He’s not that good and he’s not that bad. He’d have found work.

    But today? If he was cut today? Some team with a ton of cap space might bring him in to compete. Maybe. He wouldn’t be handed a starting job, though, I don’t think.

  11. On some team he would compete for a started, most others he would be a solid backup.

  12. What’s done is done for this season. The real question is what happens when Winston leads the Bucs to a 7-9 record this year and has just as many turnovers as td’s, will the Bucs be stupid enough to shell out a 100+ million dollar contract for this guy? I wouldn’t. Not only has he been inconsistent at best as a starter, but the off the field distractions and that unforgiveable scene with Lattimore last year tells me everything I need to know about a clown like Winston. He will never get it, in college, he was surrounded by top talent and his ability was just better than his competition. In the NFL, everyone is supremely talented and you have to always be improving, not to mention carry yourself with a little maturity. I understand the supply and demand of having not even a good but a decent starting qb in the NFL, but there is too many red flags to shell out that kind of cash for a decent, but not good Jameis Winston. Time to move on Tampa.

  13. Blake played his best football in December and January. He had no turn overs in playoffs. For the first three weeks of December he was the league’s top rated passer. Blake is not as bad as everyone thinks. Dead arm? You’re dumb. He’s got a very strong arm. He doesn’t always make the best decisions and struggles with consistency. When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s cold, he’s very cold. He’s more than capable of winning games. Don’t judge him by his years with Gus Bradley. Gus had no business being in charge of a team. One of worst coaches in history.

  14. atthemurph says:
    May 18, 2018 at 12:29 pm
    I wouldn’t want him on my team. He’s a liar, thief and from everything I can tell dumber than a rock.

    Last time I checked Stanford didn’t accept people that were dumber than a rock. He was accepted there before he chose Florida State so you might want to do some research before putting your foot in your mouth.

  15. get off my man jameis..quality quarterbacks in this league just dont grown on tress..jameis can be better ..is trying to be better but he doesnt flinch..he can come back in the fourth..he can lead too..i love this guy ..give him time and he will fulfill his destiny. i have loved the bucs since 76 and i have seen far too many quarterbacks live there and have success fyi doug williams steve young chris chandler trent dilfer vinny testerverde 3 of the guys i mentioned won super bowls.

  16. Last year everybody was down on BB. He was not great but did the job with a better team.
    JW needs better coaching but he has a chance to be very good.
    Lay off both of them and give them a chance.

  17. It wouldn’t happen but if it did, here’s my thoughts:
    Teams who’d have him compete for a starting job: Dolphins, Bengals, Jags, Broncos
    Teams where he can take the reigns in a year or two: Chargers, Giants, Pats, Saints

  18. Send him to Miami. The Dolphins should have traded up in that draft and gotten him to supplant TANK IT HILL in the first place!

  19. Bortles has done as much with less talent…MDS is clueless. Winston is a problem, not a solution….Bortles guided a shaky offense that relied on running the ball and Winston was able to throw the ball downfield alot because of personnel and game situation i.e. they were losing all the time.

  20. ^^You’re right in saying that Bortles is undervalued but wrong in saying Winston is a problem. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t HAVE problems, but to say that he is THE problem is incorrect. He can throw well and accurately, he is a good leader in the huddle despite his weird antics and occasional bad sportsmanship, and he is a decently intelligent QB. He has maturity issues and recently has had some sportsmanship concerns, but as far as starters go, he’s as at least as good as what a team hopes for when they pick a QB early. He just has to get his head straight, otherwise he won’t move up to the next level.

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