Brandon Graham is expected to report for Eagles’ OTAs

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It’s OTA time. Otherwise known as Organized Team Activities, it’s basically practice without pads. But they don’t call it practice because the term was coined at a time when practice in the offseason was nearly as intense practice in the preseason/regular season, but without pads.

Under the climate created by the 2011 labor deal, the OTAs became far less intense and extensive. They nevertheless remain the centerpiece of the offseason program, giving teams a chance to implement their offensive and defensive playbooks, and to commence the process of figuring out who will earn roster spots and starting jobs. So when players who are under contract choose not to show up for these technically voluntary sessions, it’s noteworthy.

In Philadelphia, where defensive end Brandon Graham has made it clear that he wants a new deal, Graham is expected to show up, according to Tim McManus of However, as Graham recovers from a May 1 ankle procedure, he’s not expected to participate in the practices.

The Eagles had been trying at times during the 2017 season to get Graham to extend his deal, but the terms weren’t deemed to be sufficiently favorable to Graham to result in an agreement. With Graham now one year away from free agency or the franchise tag, the Eagles may have a greater degree of urgency to get something done.

12 responses to “Brandon Graham is expected to report for Eagles’ OTAs

  1. No question about plan B. Eagles keep drafting DLs. Believe they got a real one in Sweat and 2017 pick Bennett. Graham is a favorite but at 30 everything changes in the NFL except at left tackle.

  2. The Eagles will not break the bank (or the salary cap) to extend Graham. Now that they’ve won their Super Bowl, the goal is to build a team that will continue to be in contention for years to come. Overpaying players on the wrong side of 30 is not the way to do that. The Eagles will offer Graham a deal that they can live with and it will be up to him to accept it or move on (which they’ll let him do if it comes to that).

  3. Love the way he plays but Roseman would be better off trading him or getting the comp pick. You can not afford to give a 30 year old defensive end a huge contract when you have younger players who need extended as well.

    Not saying he can’t be productive for a few more years but you can’t pay everyone. 2019 is going to be a bit of a purge for the Eagles as it is with Wentz probably signing for close to 30 mill/yr.

  4. Bigger, stronger, faster, look out NFL The team that has fun and won last years super bowl are even better this year. And the real coach of the year had his extension picked up. Dilly Dilly.

  5. I say offer him a good 3 year contract with 2 years guaranteed so in a couple years when it’s time to break the bank for wentz, the eagles won’t have that big salary to deal with. Plus at 32 or 33 he’ll probabnly start to slip in production.

  6. They are probably worrying about extending him bc once off the juice he will go back to bust Brandon graham.

  7. I think that a contract for three year’s two guaranteed would be a good deal that way if production falls off they can let him go in the third year. But he is well worht keeping in the fold if they can keep Chris Long in the fold then why not Graham. Both are vital to this teams success moving forward.

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