Saskatchewan Roughriders put Trent Richardson on suspended list

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Johnny Manziel is headed to the CFL to try a comeback with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at the same time that another former Browns first-round pick has landed on his CFL team’s suspended list.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced that they have placed running back Trent Richardson on that list as they open training camp for the 2018 season. Head coach Chris Jones said earlier this month that the team did not expect to have Richardson at the start of camp because he had “some situations going on at home.”

Richardson joined the Roughriders last year and played in four games. He ran 48 times for 259 yards and two touchdowns while also notching one reception.

Cleveland took Richardson third overall in 2012 and then traded him to the Colts for a first-round pick in September 2013. He was waived by the Colts in March 2015 and had short stints with the Raiders and Ravens that ended the same way before heading to Canada.

22 responses to “Saskatchewan Roughriders put Trent Richardson on suspended list

  1. Definitely been a rough ride for Trent Richardson in his professional career. Between his family practically embezzling money from him, to his inability to live up to his 3rd overall selection and now may be out of the CFL due to those same issues.

  2. How much Hoozah did the Colts owner Irsay have streaming threw his bloodstream when he fielded that phone call from the Browns

  3. Slow Joe……. the field is wider and they have to line up one yard of the line of scrimmage on defense. They only get 3 downs, so it’s a passing league, but it is a little raider to run even though they have 12 men per side. No one plays run first unless the situation obviously calls for it.

  4. ExitStrategy says:
    May 20, 2018 at 6:07 pm
    Ryan Grigson and the Colts were bamboozled by the Browns.

    Ryan Grigson and the Colts made it to the final four that year while 28 other teams sat home and watched from their couch. Grigson obviously had more hits than misses, and posted a 49-31 mark as G.M. But we’ll keep that our little secret.

  5. CharlieCharger as usual your not even close to being right. Grigson didn’t have more huts than misses he had a healthy A drew Luck that’s it. To defend Grigsons trade for Richardson by saying they made it the final four is ridiculous. Did Richardson help get them there? Nope.

  6. The facts: Grigson inherited a 2-14 team, went 49-31 in five years and never had a losing season. 49-31. Took over a 2-14 team. Executive of the Year. Those are the facts. Now, continue on with the fantasy.

  7. Welcome Grigson’s mon to this thread.

    For those of us not related to him, the reality is that Ryan Grigson inherited a stud QB and did as little with him as anyone ever has, before ruining the guy’s career by putting an inept line in front of him.

  8. Another ‘Bama washout. He’ll soon be back in Tuscaloose running the scout team because he has no other job prospects other than being a greeter at one of the Tuscaloosa Wal-Marts.

  9. whenwilliteverend says:
    May 20, 2018 at 8:21 pm
    Another ‘Bama washout
    Considering they’ve had the most players drafted in the last 10 years, it’s hard for all of them to pan out. Still they are a consistent powerhouse, the definition of a dynasty because they don’t cheat or need the refs to help them.

  10. “Executive of the Year.”

    So was Trent Baalke and we saw how that turned out. If anything Grigson was worse. Awful, awful GM who had a generational QB prospect land in his lap and did zilch to build an OL around him, let alone a team.

  11. Slow Joe (Bucs fan) says:
    May 20, 2018 at 5:58 pm
    Huh. This seems like a sad story but does anyone else notice he averaged over five yards a carry? Is it easier to run in Canada?
    It’s more of a passing game in Canada:
    3 Downs only
    Longer and wider field
    Multiple players can be in motion including motion towards the line of scrimmage
    12 players on both sides of the ball

    A lot harder to stack the box with these rules. That and most D’s play the pass first.

  12. A prime example of life after football. His biography should be required reading for all rookies.

  13. I would have liked to have seen how Richardson would have done in the league without his off field distractions ruining his career. It’s interesting to note how things unrelated to football can change a player’s mindset when it comes to something on the field.

  14. ExitStrategy says:
    May 20, 2018 at 6:07 pm
    Ryan Grigson and the Colts were bamboozled by the Browns.
    And the Browns used that pick on Manzel.
    I’d say a fail on both ends.

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