Speed, conditioning, communication at the core of Mike Vrabel’s OTA goals


The Titans are about to get their first taste of Organized Team Activities with Mike Vrabel as the team’s head coach. And Vrabel has made his expectations for his team clearly known.

“We need to continue on the path that we’ve been on, I think to stay in condition, to be able to line up and execute the plays at a pace conducive to spring football,” Vrabel said during a recent team event, via the Tennessean. “I don’t want a whole lot of contact. I don’t want a whole lot of guys on the ground. We’re trying to practice fast and stay on our feet. The message is going to continue to be the same.”

Vrabel explained that concepts like “situational football” will be left to training camp. For now, it’s about being in proper shape and proper communication.

“We’re looking for competitive, tough, disciplined, conditioned football,” Vrabel said. “We’re trying to get those things across to our team as we go through the spring, so that when September comes around . . . we know what to do and play fast and aggressive, and guys aren’t standing around wondering what I should be doing. They know what they’re doing and they’re playing 100 miles per hour.”

The rules prohibit contact during the offseason, but there’s no rule against getting guys in peak condition now, in the hopes that they can hit the ground sprinting (literally) when training camp opens, so that the focus won’t be getting in shape but getting ready for the games that count.

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  1. As a Titans fan I have learned to be cautious about getting excited about the upcoming season. I don’t want to be excited about this year but I am SO excited about this year.

    I can’t help but think that the AFC South is about to become an top division in the NFL. Vrabel is exactly what the Titans need. Already he is getting through to his players. Already he is making an impact on the organization. Vrabel and JRob crushed the draft trading up for players in both the first and second round getting 2 first round caliber players. No longer are the Titans sitting idly by in free agency either. We showed last year and this year we’re going to be active but not overly aggressive We’re going to pick the players that are going to buy into our system. Everything we have done since JRob has been here has been positive. In JRob I trust!

    Again, I have learned to be cautious about getting excited… but…

  2. I too think he will be an excellent HC, mainly because he didn’t come from the Belichick coaching tree. Hands down, the worst in the history of the league. He only played for them.

  3. Vrabel’s off to an encouraging start. Good energy, seems pretty smart, like the staff he put together, has some swagger and knows what he wants even if some of it (like media not getting access to talk to UDFAs?) seems maybe a little *too* control-freakish.

    It’s also like a first round draft pick. Not hard to be excited, but you just don’t know until the games matter what you really have and how it all meshes. Will definitely be an interesting summer, though. Looking forward to it.

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