Ben Roethlisberger mentoring Mason Rudolph at OTAs


Ben Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph were already texting buddies.

Now, they’re actually communicating face-to-face, and the Steelers’ elder quarterback said he was happy to help the guy who could eventually replace him.

Via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Roethlisberger said he’s always been willing to help the young guys (though that’s not really what it sounded like after the draft).

“I think people took some things that I said into a context that I was going to be mean or rude or whatever, and that was not it at all,” Roethlisberger said. “If you listen to the whole conversation, it was said in jest and laughing and having fun.

“I’ve never been the type to just be rude or mean to other quarterbacks. You can ask [Landry] Jones. I’ve had a lot of quarterbacks through here who were younger than me that I’ve tried to help any way that I can, so I’ll continue to do that.”

Of course, it’s easy to claim “out-of-context” now, but immediately after the Steelers chose Rudolph in the third round, Roethlisberger openly wondered why they didn’t take a player who could provide a more immediate benefit (especially after trading wide receiver Martavis Bryant). The rookie initially said he didn’t expect Roethlisberger to mentor him, and has tried to play nice.

Roethlisberger was also very complimentary of Rudolph while offering tips.

“He’s got a big arm,” Roethlisberger said. “He overthrew [Antonio Brown] even though AB’s not going to admit it. He seems to understand the offense, seems to not have any issues in the huddle, so I thought he did really well.”

It’s always much nicer when the kids get along.

21 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger mentoring Mason Rudolph at OTAs

  1. I didn’t hear the interview, but if he was laughing and actually joking about withholding help from the rookie… that would actually be the first time the “out-of-context” excuse was correctly used. But there’s always a little nugget of truth behind that kind of humor, too.

  2. He should have kept his yap shut, but Ben was right. Why would you use a mid-round pick for a 3rd QB one year after you just did that? Surely a playoff team should have picked someone who could help them now.

  3. Yeah, it was taken out of context… just like that time–err, I mean those times that you forced yourself those women. Or that other time when you admitted on live TV that you didn’t score a touchdown in the SB (yeah, we all could see that you didn’t).

    #context is what we’re all missing.

  4. This was always a Media driven narrative to paint Roethlisberger as the poster boy
    for being the mean, nasty jerk to the rookie, the way Favre was to Rodgers, etc.
    All it took was a wise crack, said in jest, on his radio show, and the lemmings
    ran with it.

    Ben is such an easy target. And the offseason is a great time for the media
    to jump on something as inane as a joke, and blow it up into something it’s not.
    Have to laugh with people telling Ben to shut up. He has earned the right to
    voice his opinions and his concerns. He answers openly and has no filter.
    If you don’t like hearing what he says, don’t listen. If you don’t agree with him,

    As for Ben expressing his concerns that the Defense wasn’t properly addressed
    in the draft, is a valid one, and is a concern held by many. They have to find a way
    to replace the production of a Pro Bowler like the injured Shazier.

    On the other hand, Joe Flacco has yet to welcome Lamar Jackson to the Ravens nor
    responded to any of his texts. Yet, hardly a peep about it in the media.
    Selective targeting and hyper demonizing someone to create headlines and
    get the clicks.

    In the end, it’s much ado about nothing. It’s a manufactured controversy and it’s shameful.

  5. R
    If the Steelers actually had a competent coach they could be formidable

    What would a Dorito eating troll know about a competent coach……nothing.

    Glad to see Ben helping the rookie out.

  6. Love that picture of Ben. It is so fitting i don’t even need to make a joke about it.

  7. Well of course Ben is working with the rookie. He did the same for Landry Jones when he came in, and for Josh Dobbs just last year. Pittsburgh has Ben and 3 other contenders in their QB room, so yeah they’ll all be working together in that room. Besides, maybe one might get hurt hmm? So yeah, they’ll all work together and only a big box of tools would think differently. Seems like few players troll the trolls better than Ben.

    Go Steelers!

  8. Mentoring him on what…how to ride a motorcycle? Which womens restrooms offer best access? When does No actually mean Yes?

    Or maybe just on how to be a Drama King.

  9. I’m a Steelers fan but Ben is responsible for this situation with his will I wont I retire soon talk….Give the lad a couple of years to learn and then see what he’s got……I think Ben has two more very good years left in him and Jones i’snt the answer at quarterback….

  10. Looks like the Front Office called Little Ben and read him the riot act. Nice to see they have some backbone but Ben will repay them with another lackluster season as soon as his drama queen genes kick back in. The one-and-done Steelers just can’t win a single playoff game anymore. Only team with a bye that went bye-bye after 60 minutes (actually less than that since the game was blow-out and Ben struggled to put up garbage time points)

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