Christian Hackenberg: I’m 23, I have a lot of ball ahead of me


Quarterbacks were a top storyline at the start of Jets OTAs on Tuesday as the team had Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Christian Hackenberg on the field for the same practice.

That’s the same order they took their reps, which did little to counter the feeling that Hackenberg is going to end up as the odd man out after spending the last two years watching from the sideline. The 2016 second-round pick has not taken that as a sign that his future in the league is limited.

“All I know is I’m 23 and I have a lot of ball ahead of me. Hell, my career hasn’t even started yet,” Hackenberg said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Hackenberg has spent time this offseason rebuilding his throwing motion and said on Tuesday that he feels he has “a solid foundation from a fundamental standpoint” for the first time in a long time. He said it was frustrating to go through ups and downs the last two years and “not really getting any information from anybody on how to fix” what was wrong.

That’s a curious approach to take with a quarterback drafted with a second-round pick and it joins plenty of other evidence, up to and including Darnold’s addition, that any of that ball Hackenberg has ahead of him is likely to be played elsewhere.

22 responses to “Christian Hackenberg: I’m 23, I have a lot of ball ahead of me

  1. “Hell, my career hasn’t even started yet,” Hackenberg said

    Sadly it ended the moment the Jets announced you as their 2nd round pick

  2. A lot of ball where bud??? Won’t even be on a roster come September “mark my words”

  3. Christian Hackenberg: I’m 23, I have a lot of ball ahead of me

    As…a high school football coach or? I’m just not seeing any meaningful reps in this guy’s NFL future.

  4. C’mon, son. Keep your head bowed, study up and stay humble and you, too, can be a career backup-sometimes-starter with the likes of Ryan Fitz-fizzle-patrick, Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer et al.

    Those guys are rich beyond imagination lol

  5. With all due respect, He might be right. He never said what kind of ball. Rumor is he’s pretty good at softball, racket ball and his short game is coming around.

  6. I like the AAF jokes, I’m surprised no XFL jokes landed yet – but really it’s the NFL and the QB is the most important position on the field. If Hackenberg is mildly competent he should find a spot somewhere in the NFL for a second stint, even if it’s only 3rd string. Keepn’ the dream alive…

  7. Never understood why the Jets used a 2nd round pick on him, and then basically ignored him ever since? I don’t believe that they ever even let him play in preseason games? Has to be maybe the oddest approach with a highly-drafted QB in NFL history.

  8. i think that explains why the jets have had such bad luck with their drafted QB’s. IF you draft a QB in the second round, why wouldn’t you have someone working with him getting him informant on what to fix and how to attempt to fix it? jeesh

  9. roth19 says:

    May 22, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Mark my words, he will be a starting QB and MVP one day in the NFL.
    Hang on, I’m writing it down right now Mrs. Hackenberg

  10. I have a lot of ball ahead of me.

    Yeah, throwing for the scout team at Ped State.

  11. I don’t get it. They drafted him in the 2nd round and haven’t even given him a sniff. This guy might be pretty good but we’ll never know for some reason.

  12. What good would Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers be if they had 53% completion rate?
    Work on the accuracy problem.

  13. Yeah, you didn’t get “any information from anybody on how to fix” your throwing motion says two things here: 1) the coaches saw you perform and deemed you a lost cause due to you being unable to complete simple passes in an NFL practice, let alone a preseason game and 2) the fact that you waited until THIS offseason to finally work on that part of your craft speaks volumes. The Jets didn’t keep you for this other reason: because they were worried about having to pay for helmets for all the fans in the first row at New Meadowlands Stadium if you played in case you beaned them.

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